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GTFO – Navigating through the Streets of Pushkar | Sightseeing in Pushkar

About GTFO – Navigating through the Streets of Pushkar | Sightseeing in Pushkar

Sightseeing in Pushkar – It’s good to be going. Especially when there is so much going around, there is no way you could be staying indoors to enjoy another cup of coffee and another episode of a series. Instead, get up and get going, the beautiful city of Pushkar has got to show you a lot.

As the season arrives, camels are being decked up to be traded in the greatest fair, Ferris wheels are already glittering at the night, and the streets are filled with fragrances of lip smacking delicacies.

Without much delay, here is your one stop guide to navigating in and around Pushkar:

The Holy Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar Lake is a wonder from a fable and is a brilliant go-to option if you are seeking spiritual soundness and some plain sense of self introspection. The numerous ghats around the lake, some with a rooftop restaurant, some with temples and the evening aarti around them everyday just makes it more special.


If someone wishes to ask you for money to pray for your well-being here, dodge them away.

Foy Sagar Lake

The artificial water body created during a famine back in the times, now has become a popular visit for tourists. A masterpiece, the lake nestled in between the Aravali ranges is a great spot for sunsets and laid back chilling sequels around its shores. So it is also a place for Sightseeing in Pushkar.

Savitri Temple

Located comfortably on the hilltop, the Savitri Temple in Pushkar in itself is a location of great interest because of course one, it has a religious backing and two, it is equipped with cabled cars to drive you up to the top and render you with a bird’s eye view of the entire town at once. Also, it happens to be called the sunset point of the city since the sunsets from here are to die for.

The fair grounds & adventures around

Particularly around the fair, the fair ground is a crazy place to be in and you will feel blessed to be here at this point in time, the vibrancy and mixing match of a pallet of the desert culture, souvenirs having a Rajasthani touch, playful camel rides, heart thumping Ferris wheel rides among others. Get to click a picture around the backdrop of the desert with the sword in your hands and a turban ties to your head when you go around and check these mini photo booths.

Try on delicacies

The Israeli cafes around the city are a true treat, courtesy the super cool and hospitable hosts and some #mischievous stuff that they offer out there. Try on some great food across the city to satiate your taste buds.

A sky lane visit

The hot air balloon rides in this town are quite a prominent choice of gazing around the town and must be experienced once in a lifetime. The town at night looks like a charming swarm of fireflies. So it is also a place to Sightseeing in Pushkar.

Brahma Temple

There is no unusual and out of the box thing about this place but it is a custom to visit the only and one of its kind Brahma temple in the world and is on every single list every single time, just like a classic piece of music or art.

The city lanes: The city of Pushkar makes you lose in its arbitrary lanes and chaos filled markets and that’s what you must experience when you are here in Pushkar, getting lost in the old markets is one thing that’s going to leave you laden with memories and moments.

So this is the complete blog about Sightseeing in Pushkar of Moustache Escapes. Welcome to the town of mystics, musings and mindfulness. Moustache Pushkar awaits you.