You are currently viewing All the Right Reasons to Date in the Venice of the East!

All the Right Reasons to Date in the Venice of the East!

All the Right Reasons to Date in the Venice of the East!

Udaipur city of lakes – We have all been at that impasse of reaching a go-to place when the question is to go out on a vacation with your better half. We know what it is like to never be able to settle for a single destination.

But here’s the thing, the lake city of Rajasthan stands out as one of most amazing and romantic places in the country. Having the charm of lakes, palaces and forts, Udaipur is a gem of a city to be in. With populations just enough to be called a ‘town’, there is a compulsory exclusion of blabbering, bustling downtown streets and a silencing chirp is what it has instead. The majestic views are not only to die for, but can make every camera lens go drooling over them.

There especially is a great buzz for destination weddings across the country that begins from Udaipur and in winters the city is swarmed with couples who wish to take vows of a lifetime in here, to make the most important memories breathe forever.

Udaipur city of lakes across the city are magnificently resting in between peaks of the Aravallis and when the sun kisses a goodbye every evening to these lagoons, it becomes a scene from a romantic play which hits the right strings of your heart, most accurately.

The castles, palaces and isle around the city make up for few of the best alternative backdrops that you can have while spending quality time with your partner. Walk past hand in hand with your soulmate along the shore, then ride around in a boat in the middle of the lakes, and finally witness the city lights glistening in the water currents, you will cherish it all.

The multiple resorts and bistros encircling the edges of the lakes serve the best beverages for a quick meet over drinks by the skyline at night. There’s an infinite possibility of pampering your own self and your partner enough to generate a special spark of chemistry between the two involved.

So this was the complete blog about Udaipur City of Lakes of Moustache Escapes. So here’s what you must do. The next time you are planning to take the next step, come to Udaipur and plan to make the most of it. Won’t you wish to have a bonafide interesting vacation game with your partner, shoot up to Moustache Udaipur if you do wish to do so and enjoy the ambience of our home in here besides the beautiful city.