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Goa Combo (Malvan)

Why should you experience Scuba Diving in Malvan?

Moustache’s Scuba Diving in Malvan trip package to make your vacation more than just enjoying the scenery. The vanquished city is a former thriving epicentre of a Portuguese colony. Lined with gorgeous beaches, old churches and buildings from the colonial era. The sleepy township in Maharashtra offers you an escape from the party life of Goa to a relaxing beach destination.

Furthermore, Moustache’s best cost of Scuba Diving in Malvan is an excellent reason to go on a risky adventure. Water activities, which were formerly reserved for a select few, are now enjoyed by all types of tourists.

The Goa Malvan Beach Combo tourist places incorporates all of the most popular adventure water sports in Goa into a single trip. You may also take your adventure to the next level by experiencing the best places to visit in Malvan beach Maharashtra. Cover the short Malvan to Goa distance of 80 Km via the scenic Western Ghats. Enjoy the cool weather of the Ghats and the pleasant beach climate in Malvan. Except for the monsoon months of June to early October, scuba diving in Malvan may be done all year. So, what’s the problem? Book your tickets today to experience the one-of-a-kind Moustache Scuba diving in Malvan and Goa sports combo.

Try the unique Malvan beach water sports included in the Goa Combo and Malvan.

The Goa Combo Malvan package by Moustache takes you on an epic journey through the western ghats of Maharashtra. Before ultimately joining the thrilling Malvan beach water sports at Malvan Beach. You spot people enjoying Parasailing in Malvan over the open seas, riding fast on jet skis and much more. The scuba diving and water sports in Malvan prices vary accordingly. But at Moustache, you get the best fares while enjoying excellent services. So the best time for Malvan beach Goa water sports activities is now! Book your trip and Fasten your harness to take off on a thrilling adventure on the coast of the Arabian sea. If you are still not thrilled, wait till you hear about the activities planned for you on the Goa Combo Malvan package.

Malvan Beach Scuba Diving:-

The quaint Malvan beach is famous for its forts and water sports activities. Head out to the fisherman’s cove for a deep scuba dive experience. On this trip, you will be diving in the waters in front of the legendary Sindhudurg Fort. Surely you must have seen the transforming experience of diving underwater in Zindagi na milegi Dobara. Though we can offer you the exact same experience, you’ll be a lot closer to it.
The best time for scuba diving and water sports activities in Malvan beach is also approaching as we leave behind the monsoon season. There are also numerous islands hosting some of the places to visit near Malvan. We strongly recommend scuba diving if you are in and around Goa. Moreover, with the best cost of Scuba Diving in Malvan Beach Maharashtra, the deal just got even sweeter.

Parasailing in Malvan:-

Malvan Beach Parasailing Goa water sports combines all of the most exciting water activities around Goa into one handy tour. The safe and fun aerial ride on a parachute is a unique experience everyone can experience. So, what’s the problem?
Please follow the steps, as you’ll be secured to a parachute and the powerboat will aid you in lifting off. Experience the breath-taking splendour of the sea and terrain from above and make lasting memories.

Banana ride in Malvan:-
The banana ride at Malvan beach is the most recent water recreation. The ride is specifically built for a group to enjoy. The journey cannot be put into words. All we can say is grab on close and relish the lift. Go on a rough and humorous adventure with your family on the banana ride water sports activity on Malvan beach. The trip will undoubtedly be full of amazing laughs and playing with your loved ones.
Speed Boat in Malvan:-
Soak in the beauty of Sindhudurg Fort from the distant seas. The massive fort built by Shivaji Maharaj is a complete marvel visible from a great distance. On the malvan speed boat ride, take a tour of the Arabian sea and the distant coasts near the town of Malvan. You can also enjoy your own mini picnic on the boat amidst the sea. Watch out for the dolphins jumping out of the water on the thrilling Goa Combo Malvan package.
Bumper ride in Malvan:-
Take the Malvan Bumper ride if you want to do something else with your family. The amusing journey will undoubtedly provide you with some meme fodder to share with your pals. The trip puts you on a platform that is attached to a boat. Hold on to your seat while you surf the Malvan waves in the Arabian Sea. Sounds like fun, right? That is until one of your buddies jumps into the water. Conceivably the most characteristic tripof the journey. Moustache also takes care of extra security and safety in the water. So ride your choice of thrilling ride with utmost peace of mind.

The most satisfactory things to do in Malvan apart from water activities.

Now that you have taken in the life-changing experience of the best scuba diving in Malvan. It’s time to scour the additional territories of your western ghat destination. The Malvan trip to and from Goa passes through Amboli, one the most wonderful places in the Western Ghats. Make a pitstop along the way, to get the best views of the ghats in Maharashtra. Apart from the Malvan beach rides Malvan is also home to some great forts and interesting history. Check out the local museum at the Sindhudurg fort to know the history behind Malvan. Malvan tourist places also include the distant island where the Portuguese lighthouse can still be operational till day. Take a tour of all the famous Malvan tourist places without the Goa combo Malvan tour package.

Itinerary for the Goa and Malvan Combo Package

Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM

Pick/Drop Point: Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, Arpora, Porvorim

  • Start your day of thrill at your Pick up point. Make sure to start your ride early to catch the best weather for water sports
  • Enjoy the scenic route from Goa to Malvan beach through the mountainous Western Ghats.
  • Stretch out and get ready for the water sports adventure at Malvan Beach. The activities included for the day ahead are as follows:

Scuba diving in Malvan
Jet Ski ride
Speed boat ride
Banana boat ride
Bumper ride

  • Follow instructions and enjoy your activities at a leisurely pace. You can also explore the area nearby and try local cuisine of Maharashtra.
  • After spending your thrilling time at Malvan beach, we bid adieu to Malvan and start our ride back to Goa.
  • Bid Adieu to your guide at the drop-off point.
  • Our Goa Combo with Malvan package concludes here.
  • Moustache welcomes you again for more such adventures and offbeat trips around India.
Articles to carry on the Malvan Scuba diving combo package
  • Flip flops and swimming dress
  • Medicines and other prescriptions
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Cameras and Mobile phones (at your own risk)
  • Towel and a change of clothes
  • Snacks or food items on your own discretion

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