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Visiting Top 10 Unexplored Beaches In Goa

About Visiting Top 10 Unexplored Beaches In Goa

Goa is one of the popular tourist destinations that is often visited by both national and international travellers. Often known as the party capital of India; Goa beaches are one of the best spots to enjoy all sorts of water sports activities and witness the beach lifestyle at Goa. Here we will explore about Beaches In Goa.

Although, it’s hard to find a spot where you can just lay down in peace and enjoy your chilled beer. Hence, we have curated a list of beaches perfectly located away from all the tourist’s crowd. Perfect to have some me time moments with your partner or by yourself.

Be the first to visit these secluded beaches in Goa, enjoying your vacation in total calmness. Take a look to these lesser known beaches of Goa –

01 Kakolem Beach

The Kakolem Beach is one of the private beaches in Goa. Kakolem Beach, aka The Tiger Beach, has lush trees and rugged mountains from all the sides. Take a boat ride to the Kakolem beach, sailing over the magical blue waters, enjoying picnics and nearby mountain trekking.

Location: 60 km from Panjim

02 Galgibaga Beach

Enjoy a visit to the ‘Turtle Beach,’ of Goa- one of three beaches in Goa where the majestic Olive Ridley Sea Turtles come to nest. Perfect for couples or families, the beach is a calming resort with a serene environment all around. Lay back and relax while sunbathing or, soaking your feet in the tender Arabian Sea’s waters.

Location: 84 km from Panjim

03 Hollant Beach

If you want to enjoy the best sunrise view in Goa, then do visit Hollant Beach. Located right at the feet of the Western Ghats, the beach offers you with the best beach sunrises in Goa. Catch the glimpse of the sun rising from below the horizon and bathe the entire beach in a rich, yellow light. Truly captivating!

Location: 28 km from Panjim

04 Velsao Beach

Velsao Beach is a long stretch of silvery, sandy beach and another secluded beaches in Goa. The beach has one of the best sunset views in Goa. The shore is brimming with colourful seashells, and lucky visitors may even glimpse a starfish! You can also take part in some water sports activities, to cure your adventure cravings.

Location: 25 km from Panjim

05 Cabo De Rama Beach

Cabo de Rama Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Goa. Located in between the bright, blue sea on one side and the dense, green forests on the other. The beach has a complete natural surroundings along with a small river in the north. Which is why, Cabo De Rama Beach is one of the popular picnic spots among the locals.

Location: 61 km Distance from Panjim

06 Bogmalo Beach

Take a short day trip to Bogmalo Beach Goa- a well maintained and relatively safe beach for swimming. Enjoy the high waves, warm sand and the beautiful sea breeze, while you relax and re-energize with the delicious authentic Goan food. All at a very reasonable price and away from the city’s crowd.

Location: 27 km from Panjim

07 Mandrem Beach

Welcome to the white, sandy beach of Goa- Mandrem Beach. The perfect spot for honeymooners at Goa with a calm and quiet setting all around. The beach is well-connected with the main city, and can be visited via land and sea both. Although, if you are travelling with your partner, then a boat ride to this beach is more romantic than taking a cab.

Location: 28 km from Panjim

08 Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beach has a lush natural setting in the backdrop. Described as a small stretch of warm, white sandy land, blessed with transparent seawaters. Home to an unimaginable variety of butterflies, the beach can be reached via boat from Palolem Beach, or by taking a trek through the forest. Do enjoy refreshing early mornings and magical sunsets from the beach. So it is also one of the best Beaches In Goa.

Location: 67 km from Panjim

09 Colomb Beach

Colomb Beach is perfect for families looking for a quiet, cozy getaway to the seaside. A rich, golden coloured sandy stretch of land, with relatively shallow waters. Excellent for a nice, long, safe swim. You can either take a boat ride or if you are an adventure seeker then take a hike to Colomb Beach.

Location: 70 km from Panjim

10 Lovers Beach

The Lovers Beach lies to the North of Betalbatim Beach. A clean sandy stretch of land, perfect for honeymooners or couples looking for a nice, quiet seaside spot to spend a romantic evening in. Secluded away from all the city crowds, the beach is lined with tall pine trees. Making the beach, even more romantic and enjoyable.
Location: 31 km from Panjim

Enjoy a perfectly private Goa vacation, visiting one of the hidden beaches in Goa. Residing peacefully with lush nature and away from all visitor’s crowd.

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