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About Kedarnath Travel

It’s already March and have you heard that Kedarnath Darshan booking is now OPEN? Yes, you heard it right! Kedarnath is opening its doors for travellers & pilgrims soon. So get ready for the holy trekking trip to Lord Shiva’s heavenly abode! Here we will explore about Kedarnath Travel. Click HERE to save your spot with Moustache Escapes by paying only INR 999 now and pay the rest later! (Batches starting from May)

A part of the sacred Panch Kedar, Kedarnath Darshan is a dream of every devotee of Lord Shiva and trekking enthusiasts. The journey of the Kedarnath travel package takes you to a 1200 years old temple dedicated to Kedar baba. The Delhi to Kedarnath trip is usually a 3 nights 4 days trip. Booking with Moustache Escapes would make your Kedarnath trip budget as low as INR 8499 (Early bird offer!). Ready for a holy trek to Kedarnath in 2022?

About Kedarnath

The Kedarnath temple is believed to have been built by Pandavas with the backdrop of the towering snow-capped Garhwal Himalayan ranges at 3553 metres. It is one of the Char Dhams in Uttarakhand, so when you’re on a Delhi to Kedarnath trip, you can also cover Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Badrinath.

Legend has it that when Shiva disguised himself as a bull so that he didn’t have to forgive the Pandavas for their sins, Bhim tried to get hold of him but was also able to pull up the bull’s hump from underground which was found in today’s Kedarnath.

Kedarnath Darshan Journey

The total trekking distance to reach Kedarnath is 22 km starting from Gaurikund. So, if you’re doing a Kedarnath road trip, Gaurikund would be the last point of motorable roads. Once you book your Kedarnath tour package from Delhi, you can cover the Delhi to Kedarnath distance by road of 470 KM until Sonprayag or Guptakashi. Along the way, you’d also see the beautiful confluence of Mandakini and Alaknanda rivers at Rudraprayag.

If you’re coming for a Kedarnath trip from Ahmedabad, the total distance between Ahmedabad to Kedarnath travel would be 1,430 km but with Moustache Escapes, even that long a journey becomes enjoyable! There are buses from Delhi to Kedarnath and also from Haridwar to Kedarnath. So, if you’re worried about the Kedarnath yatra cost, let us assure you that you could totally do a Kedarnath budget trip. If coming from Jaipur to Kedarnath, there are no direct buses to cover the Jaipur to Kedarnath distance, so instead take a train till Haridwar and then board a bus to cover Haridwar to Kedarnath distance by road.

Guptakashi is famous as the place where Lord Shiva hid himself when the Pandavas were seeking his pardon for wronging their own kin but the Lord was unwilling to forgive them. (By the way, you’d get an overnight Delhi to Kedarnath bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate which takes around 12 hours to cover the Delhi to Kedarnath route).

If you don’t want to trek Kedarnath yatra km, we are also offering the Kedarnath Badrinath tour package by helicopter at just INR 5000 (two-way) only which will drop you just 700 metres away from the temple. If trekking gets too tiring, the total can also be covered on mules/palkis.

Highlights of Kedarnath tourism package

Along the way on your Delhi to Kedarnath trip, you’d come across a glacial cave a few km into the trek, a free experience of nature’s own cooler at no additional Kedarnath travel price.

Mt. Kedar Dome keeps coming in and out of sight as if the mountains are playing peek-a-boo with you.
Once you reach the temple, the giant snow-laden massifs of Garhwal Himalayas await you. This view behind the Kedarnath temple with the gurgling water of the Mandakini river flowing next to you is what makes the Kedarnath trekking package so worth it!

You can look for a hotel room near the temple once you reach the top or book the Kedarnath temple trip package with us to have your stay sorted from beforehand.

You can watch the evening Aarti and the morning Aarti the next day before you begin your trek back to Gaurikund.
From Gaurikund, you could come to Sonprayag or Guptakashi and stay for the night as a part of the Kedarnath tour package from Delhi. Leave for Haridwar the next day (Haridwar to Kedarnath distance: 239 km).

So this is the complete blog about Kedarnath Travel of Moustache Escapes. Kedarnath darshan is possible only from April to November. However, it is advisable to avoid the monsoon months of July and August as landslides and flash floods are common in the area.

So, what are you waiting for now? Do your Kedarnath yatra booking right away! The yatra season is about to start soon!

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