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Why is the Pushkar Mela – The Favorite Gossip of the Town

About Why is the Pushkar Mela – The Favorite Gossip of the Town

Ever heard of a La-La- Land? What if I tell you it is right here. Yes, it is a La-La-Land, yes a land so pure, so relieving that it almost seems too good to be true. The town with more tourists than residents at any point of time, not secluded of course, yet so serene that it almost makes you forget everything stressful. Here we will explore about Pushkar Mela.

The hippy culture of the town and the laid back vibes you get in here are truly which you can refer to as euphoria. Though this is not all, Pushkar, is not one town you will just go to chill and come back so easily, there is a story behind the creation of the town that will make your stay and explore more, and this tale is the reason behind its very existence in the list of most pious towns of the country.


The tale unfolds with many believed religious parables that make it the “King of Pious Towns” begins with the story of the Pushkar Lake which is supposedly believed to be created from lotus petals that fell near the region when Lord Brahma assassinated a demon with his lotus weapon. This wonderous fable that makes the history more interesting than you ever may have imagined is an epic teaser. The piousness of the lake thus remains unquestioned till date courtesy this legendary story behind its very existence.

There have been beliefs that Sarasvati, who is considered to be Brahma’s wife got so enraged to see someone else in her righteous position beside Brahma during a Yagna near the Pushkar Lake that she cursed Brahma to be only worshipped in this town and nowhere else in the world. And for all the logical reasons, even today the Brahma temple in Pushkar is considered to be the biggest pilgrimage for worshippers of Brahma.

Time has always been a cruel demon for the town considering it was brutally destroyed by the Mughals and then rebuilt in more recent times before actually coming into the hands of the Britishers and then finally to the Indian Government.

And despite revealing the most offbeat secrets, we still have a lot more to know about this beautifully serene town in the backdrop of the Aravali Ranges. The Pushkar Mela is what we mean!

Courtesy the invasion from the Mughals, annual cattle fairs were very prominent in the town of Pushkar from the times of the Sultanate rule in the country, back then, travelers from Afghanistan took part actively in ‘what used to be’ only a usual trade hotspot. Over time, though, the trade hotspot continued to hold its annual trading session but with a tinch of culture added to it. The trade spot, thus gradually became a fete spot and when a cultural significance was added to it, the result was a week long fiesta for travelers and devotees alike.

Pushkar Mela

The Pushkar Mela is a humongously popular and extravagantly vibrant fair happening in this town of the sacred which is unknown to none. During the winter months of the Kartik, the fair is carried out as a week long celebration ending on Kartik Poornima (‘Poornima means a full moon night in Sanskrit’ ).

Devotees from around the country come to bathe in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake while travelers come to explore the colorful views that the town has to offer during the fiesta.

Dealers of cattle come from far away lands to get the hybrid and indigenous varieties of livestock for themselves which are actively traded from dusk till dawn in the fairgrounds.

With merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, hot air balloons and sound and light shows, camel and horse rides the entire town becomes a fancy fairytale affair that brings awesome experiences with itself. Vibrant colorful markets come to life when shopaholics begin with their impulse purchases and the cherry on the cake truly are the prayers at the ghats at evening when the lake literally turns into a glittery lantern with the candles and exactly here, the rapid seesaw of history unveils its true colors.

The borders of the Thar Desert are immensely lit up during this phase of the year when the town on the verge of it, begins to breathe the bonfire of melting cultures and emotions in a true sense. The Fair, thus, is the true essence of the town and is thus rightly the most sizzling gossip of this ancient town.

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