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Visit Himalayan Trek Every Weekend

About Visit Himalayan Trek Every Weekend

Himalayan Trek – Weekends are something everyone eagerly waits for. Afterall, weekends are the only way to get relief from the week-long hectic and ultra-busy daily schedule. It’s not just a week off, but the day you reboot your body and mind.

What if we say you can now reboot it with a weekend trip to the Himalayas? No Kidding!

A hike to Triund Hills will take you away from your boring office cubicle to the serenity of lush nature and the Himalayas. A perfect weekend off for your exhausting mind, after a week-long busy lifestyle.

Here’s all you can expect from the Triund Trekking Package – your long awaited weekend escape to the Himalayas.

Hike to the Oldest Himalayan Trek

Triund Trekking is one of the most charming Himachali Trek. Apart from that, this trek is also one of the easiest and oldest Himalayan treks. The steep trail visits ancient local villages and Pahari dhabas, whispering several local stories along the way.

Witness the Mighty Dhauladhar Range

Trek over a long, twisted, and stony trail to the ridge-top of Triund. It might make you tired, but the end reward is worth that effort. Enjoy the 360-degree picturesque views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar range. Leaving its viewer in awe.

Visit the Woodlands of Himachal Pradesh

A walk through the mixed forest of Oak & Deodhar will calm your nerves in its own natural way. Make the trip memorable befriending locals; clicking countless photographs, and savoring your Pahari Maggie with great views in the backdrop.

Enjoying evening with Stunning Sunset

One of the most cherished moments of the entire Himalayan Trek trek is the captivating sunset. We can’t convey how beautiful it is to witness the sun dive into a sea of clouds. Leaving a small sliver of its radiance is truly a sight to behold.

Sleep Under the blanket of Stars

If you find the day hike charming enough, then wait for the sun to set down. Triund valley gives you an enchanting experience of the heaven above with stargazing. And if visited during a certain time of the year, you can even take a glimpse of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Best Trek for the Weekends

One can complete the entire Triund Himalayan Trek distance in just 2-days and 1-night. Besides, the Triund trek is an easy trek and is achievable by everyone. Apart from that, the hike reaches an altitude of 9350 ft. in just 2-days. Assuring a perfect weekend escape.

The trek is visited at all times of the year. Now, make your weekend special, with Triund Himalayan Trek Booking. Travel into the Himalayan Range and explore the charming town of McLeod Ganj (base camp). All with Mousctache’s Triund Trek Package.

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