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Here Why planning Bhrigu as Monsoon Trek is a Forget-Me-Not

About Here Why planning Bhrigu as Monsoon Trek is a Forget-Me-Not

If you’re wondering, what’s it like to have Bhrigu Trek as Monsoon Trek? Then you are on the right page.

Experience the full charm of this famous Manali Trek during the Monsoon Season. Known for its ever-changing landscape, you get exposure to the best Trekking in Himachal has to offer.

The trek takes you through the lush Himalayan wet rainforest to the high alpine lake, known as the Bhrigu Lake. Named after the Maharishi Bhrigu, the lake holds a significant spiritual value and is considered sacred by Hindus.

Perhaps the Lake never freezes, even in the Sub-zero temperatures, the locals believe it to have Holy powers. The Rishis used the high-altitude lake to meditate without disturbance, similarly, you will also find the caves the Rishis used to meditate and take some time to sit with your thoughts.

Suitable for Beginners, and Weekend as well

Well connected to Manali Himachal Pradesh, the trek is best for trekkers looking for a weekend trek. The Bhrigu lake altitude is 4,300 meters or 14,100 ft., and it’s trekking, itself does not require any technical knowledge. One of the best treks in Himachal, this trek requires 3 Nights and 4 days, an ideal weekend trek.

What makes this trek great is that it takes you to the high altitude of 14500 ft., but it can be easily done without artificial oxygen and complicated equipment. Beginners with basic fitness looking to get into trekking should definitely consider Bhrigu trek. Got some days to spare while in Manali? Let’s do this trek to experience the High Himalayan beauty of the Pir Panjal range.

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The Best of The Himalayas

Famous for its alpine meadows (an area without trees, usually covered with grass), this trek’s map is different from any other hikes in the country. In India, to reach any alpine meadow requires 2-3 days. That is at least two days of hard ascent through forests and rocky and muddy terrain. So it is also one of the best things about this Monsoon Trek.

Nevertheless, your eyes will fill with wonder seeing the endless sea of grass as soon as you start trekking. This is the unique magic of Bhrigu Lake Trek, a picturesque scenery straight out of a travel magazine shot in Switzerland, right in our backyard.

Why trek to Bhrigu Lake during Monsoon?

Sign up for the best of Manali trekking, as you witness the color changing landscape, as you gain altitude. You will be left surprised to see what this trek in Himachal treasure for you. It starts as a muddy and rocky terrain instantly transforms into a deep, lush green carpet of grass as far as the eyes can see. And Beyond.

The vibrant green of grassland and the stark grey of the cloud amplify during the monsoon season. Makes for an ideal playground for the shutterbugs out there. The vegetation looks fresh aftermath of the rain and the dramatic views will leave you amazed. A rejuvenating feel takes over whenever you are hit by that constant crisp Monsoon wind, turning it to be one of the best Manali trekking packages.

The trek is filled with large patches of fauna and flowers unique to the area. Monsoon is also the peak flowering season in Himalayan Alpine meadows. You get a sense of a giant mountain sleeping with a thick blanket of grass and colorful flowers.

Though not visible, the Rohtang pass is situated on the west, and you are granted a Bird’s Eye View of the Lahaul valley which is connected to Manali in Kullu District via the famous Rohtang pass.

Paradise For Shutterbugs

A sunny day is a blessing on the Bhrigu Lake trek during monsoon. As the flowers show their true vibrant colors, while bathing in the sun. Keep your cameras handy, if the weather turns sunny. It’s a tip for any other trekking in Himachal. But make sure to safeguard it from the moisture. Else everything is fine.

Along the route, you are welcomed by the panoramic and commanding views of the mighty Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Range. Gain some height to gaze upon the Solang, Manali, and the surrounding valleys.

Monsoon also offers a dramatic and contrasting grey backdrop to the snow-covered peaks of Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba. The breathtaking miracle of sunrise over these mighty peaks turned golden is truly worth the struggle of waking up early after a day of trekking.

The lake is surrounded by snow for most of the year, although only during Monsoons, you’ll be enthralled to see the blue of the lake reflecting the sky and surrounding peaks. It is a moving experience to be in the presence of such holy beauty.

Experience the connection to Mother Earth

Trekking in Manali already connects you to nature but the Bhrigu Lake trek takes it to a whole new level. After reaching the meadows, remove your shoes to walk barefoot on the natural grass carpet to intensify that connection to Mother Earth. It is a wonderful experience and the kid in you will come alive. So it is also one of the best things about this Monsoon Trek.

Make sure to seek advice from your guide first, as your health is paramount at high altitudes.

Clouds and Rain are constant features that Himachal pradesh tourism can offer during Monsoon. The playful nature of clouds leaves one mesmerized. Trekking amidst and above the clouds is a true soul-filling experience. To a trained eye, the clouds mostly follow a close pattern. Our Bhrigu Trek Package offers you a safe trekking experience under the guidance of qualified and experienced guides.

Go through these tips for the Hiker in you.

Last but not least, the fast winds and the fresh atmosphere offer some of the most stunning views of twinkling stars in the dark clear night sky. This trek is also known for its clear and sharp views of the Milky Way Galaxy. Make sure to wear extra clothing and keep yourself warm while enjoying the views at night, Bhrigu Lake temperature can drop to -10 °C.

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