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Valley Of Flowers Trek

Visiting the ‘Garden Above Clouds’ called Valley of Flowers Trek

Price Variants: –
Govindghat to Govindghat – INR 6,750/-
Haridwar to Haridwar / Rishikesh to Rishikesh – INR 8,750/-

Valley of Flowers trek is one of the most renowned Indian treks all across the continents. The trek to Valley of Flowers, not only famous amongst the Indian Trekking community but also quite famed amongst the Europeans. Why? Its home to some of the most exotic, endangered, and rare species of floras. If you want numbers, then valley of flowers Uttarakhand, India has over 600 species of flowers, including its state flower- Brahma Kamal.

True to its name, it’s a valley that radiates innumerable colors when visited during the blooming season. Red, pink, purple, and yellow are only a tease, of all the shades one can discover here. The trek happens within the Valley of Flowers National Park which was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. It is also one of India’s oldest trek that makes it super popular.

Blossoming ‘Spirituality’ on the Valley of Flowers Trip

With the beauty of countless colors, the Valley of Flowers Trip blooms with the holiness of the Hemkunnd Sahib Gurudwara. Devoted to Guru Govind Singh (1666–1708), the tenth Sikh Guru, this sacred shrine is nestled deep in the Valley of Flowers trek map, Uttarakhand. Situated at a viewpoint height of 14,000 ft., from where you may have a look of the entire Valley of Flowers tour.

Being scenic in all respect, this Gurudwara is also the Highest Gurudwaras in the World. However, the backstory of this places goes like this. The holy Granth Sahib records that the tenth guru of Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh, meditated by the serene banks of the Hemkund lake in one of his previous lives. It is one of the reason why, this place is packed more with Sikh pilgrims across the globe, than the trekkers who trek the Himalayas Valley of Flowers.

The ONLY Laxmanji Temple at Valley of Flowers Trek Distance

The Gurudwara at the Valley of Flowers trek distance, inhabits a beautiful crystal clear lake. It the famous Hemkund Lake on the bank of which Guru Govind Singh meditated. And, when snow falls at the Valley of Flowers in winter, the lake also snow-fed by the glaciers sitting in the backdrop. In post-monsoon time with clouds hovering just above the building, the landscape almost looks like a paradise hidden in the mountains.

Right before the route towards the valley of flowers starts, there is a route that diverts to the Hemkund Sahib. The 6 hours long hike that instantly takes you from 9,400 ft. to 14,100 ft. is exceptionally fulfilling. With peaceful Sikh pilgrims buzzing the way to the Gurudwara, the trail stays lively and joyous.

The valley of flowers trek is an ideal trek that vaults the beauty of blooming flowers, lush green meadows, snow-clad mountains, and the spirituality of Hemkund Sahib. To get so much beauty all in one place is an exception in itself.

Try DHABAS; If you’re Tired of Valley of Flowers Trek Difficulty!

Although the Valley of Flowers Trek Difficulty is considered easy to moderate, the hiking to the Hemkund Sahib can be a Real Test! Worry not. As there will be plenty in line who’re feeling the same as you. Breathless! Better to have some rest at on the local Dhabas on the way, admiring the journey, view, people, and their dedication. All over a plate of savory regional cooked dishes. Trust us. It’s truly Lip Smacking! However, not included in your Valley of Flowers trek cost, but a MUST-TRY.

NOTE:- A personal advice from Moustache is to plan your lunch at one of these dhabas. Not only it’ll save few bucks, but also reduce your luggage weight to carry. Luckily, the entire route is abundant with such dhabas to try authentic any day (P.S.- Everyday) on the trek.

Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Govindghat

Altitude: 6,300 ft.
Drive: 270 km (10 Hours)
Meal Included: Dinner
Stay: Shared Guesthouse Stay

  • Meet our representative at Rishikesh/Haridwar Railway station (by 7AM).
  • Hop in the car for a long drive (11 Hrs.) from Haridwar, then to the base camp at Govindghati.
  • Drive through the Bhagirath Highway alongside the gushing Alakhnanda River. Enjoy the exceptionally beautiful and refreshing sights, taking breaks adjusting yourself with altitude & climate.
  • Check-in to the guest house, upon reaching the base camp, by late evening.
  • Enjoy leisure time strolling around till dinner followed by bedtime.

Day 2: Govindghat to Ghangria

Altitude: 9,600 ft.
Drive: 4 km
Trek: 9 km
Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner
Stay: Shared Guesthouse Stay

  • Wake up to a beautiful morning and savory breakfast.
  • Start trekking to Ghanghariya which is about 7 hour long trail.
  • Easy at the beginning, get accompanied by Sikh pilgrims to the Hemkund Sahib. Instead of carrying food, try on some local cuisines at one of many traditional & authentic dhabas on the way.
  • Reach Ghangharia, after trekking along a charming river.
  • Check-in to the guesthouse, enjoying your leisure time till dinner and relax later.

Day 3: Ghangaria to Valley Of Flowers

Altitude: 11,500 ft.
Trek: 8 km
Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner
Stay: Shared Guesthouse Stay

  • Wake up for breakfast and start your trek to the Valley of Flowers National Park.
  • The national park that opens up with a beautiful bridge. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of vivid biosphere with over 600 species of exotic flowers.
  • After 7 hours of hike, reach VOF by lunch.
  • Spend enough time and then trek back to Ghangharia.
  • Have dinner at Ghangharia and rest.

Day 4: Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib & Back

Trek: 12 km
Altitude: 15,200 ft.
Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner
Stay Type: Shared Guesthouse Stay

  • Wake up to the beautiful tangerine sunrise. Come back, and have your breakfast.
  • Trek on the steep and rocky trail to the Hemkund Sahib (10 hours). From here, you can see the entire route to the Valley of Flowers along with the mountains in the backdrop.
  • On the way, rest across a waterfall, refilling your water bottles.
  • Reach Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara and stroll around the beautiful lake in the bliss of holy Gurudwara.
  • Trek back to Ghangharia for dinner and rest.

Day 5: Ghangaria to Govindghat via Poolna

Drive: 4 km
Trek: 9 km
Altitude: 9,600 ft.
Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner
Stay: Shared Guesthouse Stay

  • Wake up and get ready to trek back to Govindghat, post breakfast.
  • The route is almost same and journeys through beautiful meadows and blooming flowers.
  • After you have reached the Govindghat, settle in your guest house.
  • Dinner will be served after the evening falls.
  • Post dinner, rest asleep for the day.

Day 6: Departure

Drive: 270 km (10 Hours)
Stay Type: Shared Tent Stay in tents on a sharing basis
Meals Included: Breakfast

  • Wake up fresh to the morning.
  • Have your breakfast and drive back to Haridwar.
  • The drive is fairly long, so stop by on the way for your lunch.
  • Once you’ve reached Haridwar safely, our trip ends. 

Things to Carry on Valley of Flowers Trek Package

  1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans / Trekking Pants -2
  2. Windproof jacket of decent quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) preferably with a hood
  3. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater
  4. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower), Scarf/muffler (optional)
  5. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)
  6. Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole are recommended)
  7. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
  8. Raincoat / Poncho, Small light weight towel
  9. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)
  10. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face
  11. Sun glasses, Walking stick / Trekking pole
  12. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  13. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
  14. Personal toiletries
  15. Day pack/small bag which you will carry on your back every day and keep your essentials in it.

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