You are currently viewing Biggest literature festival on the face of earth is here, the Jaipur Literature Fest 2019

Biggest literature festival on the face of earth is here, the Jaipur Literature Fest 2019

About Biggest literature festival on the face of earth is here, the Jaipur Literature Fest 2019

It’s the beginning of another round of 365 days and we are happy for new beginnings and new spirits. The fresh start of January for sure has to be one of the most exciting months with freshly bubbling up annual events. Here we will explore about Literature Festival.

Commencing on the 24th, the 5-day literature fiesta is unarguably the world’s biggest literary fair with poets, orators, performers and writers paying their precious visits to the festival to share talks and exchange opinions with visitors.

Literary Sessions

For one amazement, it is the literary sessions filled with quality talks, interesting poetry and for the other, the music sessions filled with a euphony of unplugged music, live bands, orchestras, and soothing music, the event is for all, the young gushing hot-bloods and the older brains of substance.

Now, it’s normal to ask why the Zee JLF so grand an affair? The theory is simple: backed by Zee Media, one of the country’s biggest entertainment media houses, the JLF as it is more popular, is an event of mind-boggling scale because of its prominence as a chic-uptown social event which is attended by socialites from across the country and a high-end fashionable event participated by youth. So it is also a part of Literature Festival.

Capture Love

But it’s not only those who see who are present there, those who capture love to be around too. The exciting, lively aura of the destination “Diggi Palace” is understating the definition of being famous. Diggi Palace is a palatial property rubbed with a rich scent of heritage and Rajasthani architecture into its very existence plus the amplification of its subtle beauty is done by only decorated canopies, fairy lights, awe-inspired beautiful pieces of handcrafts and literally an infinite number of mesmerizing things that there can be for decorations. A swarm of photographers, both appointed and amateurs head to the fair to capture the event.

Why bookworms so love it? To be in the umbrella of such great personalities and get the opportunity to meet with one’s favorite authors is a thing that any book lover would always enjoy. An added treasure is that at the event, multifarious genres of books can be tried hands-on and one may even get those books signed from the respective authors.

And reading burns calories, what do you do when you wanna have more? Stalls especially are designed for the event where one can satiate the hunger pangs and try on some wine while reading their favorite piece of literature.

So, in the end, here is a short gist of it, if you want to see pallets of beautiful craft, smell the irresistible fragrance of new books, listen to some great substance and taste authentic food doing this entire frisk, and make your ‘All senses sorted!’ Go for it!