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Things To Know About Bhrigu Lake

About Things To Know About Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is the sacred lake among Hindus. Legend has it the sage used to meditate near the lake and used to take baths in it. That is why people believe the lake is holy and doesn’t freeze even at Sub-Zero temperatures.

Besides, the trek has the charm of Manali trekking. The Bhrigu Lake Trek greets you with a high altitude alpine lake, verdant meadows, and everything your heart wished for!

Here’s all that you can explore in this purely Himachal Trek. Take a look.

Trek to the Alpine Lake

Bhrigu Lake, also known as Brighu Lake, is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India, at an elevation of 4,300 meters (14,100 feet). The fascinating lake has a grand beauty that changes with the seasons.

Popular Pilgrim’s and Hiker’s Trek

The Bhrigu Lake Trek distance has the natural charm of Manali. Travel beside the snow-capped mountain range to the spiritual Bhrigu Lake- Named after Maharishi Bhrigu, one of the seven sages of Hinduism.

Best Weekend Trek in Himachal

The entire Bhrigu lake Trek distance is covered in 4 days and 3 nights. Giving you a perfect holiday option for your weekends. Apart from that, you can also make a weekend trip to the Himalayas with Triund Trek, Manali.

An Experience for Everyone

The Trek journeys from lush terrains to rocky steep climbs. Achievable by anyone with a fit and healthy condition. Perfect for beginners with the same thrill as any other treks in Manali.

Best Time for Bhrigu Lake Trek

Between June and September is the greatest time to visit. It’s possible to extend it till the end of October. It is during July to September, when you can spot wildflowers and green meadows everywhere.

How to Reach Base Camp

The base camp is at Manali. Meet our representative once you’ve reached Moustache Manali. Besides, Manali is accessible via:


Fly to Kullu Airport and drive to Manali. Alternatively, fly to Delhi or Chandigarh and take a Volvo to Manali.


Take a Volvo from Delhi and Chandigarh to reach Manali.


Take a train to Chandigarh. Take a cab or bus ride to Manali.

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