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There is a Desert Person in All of us which can’t Keep Calm Today

About There is a Desert Person in All of us which can’t Keep Calm Today

Here, in the silenced sands of the desert, resides an irreplaceable peace you can never see whoosh away from your embrace. Now be it a morning sun that peeks through the clean golden horizon or a red sun of the evening that drowns into the ever-blowing-ever-dusty dunes and everywhere in between, there is just enough to sweep you off your feet.

And throughout the year when the Thar is quite done with the peace game, it is then, that this time of the year comes around. The time of “The Jaisalmer Desert Festival”, when the entire town of sandstone castles turns into a caravan of travelers from all over the globe that comes together for celebrations filled with bustling competitions and a spark of celebrations with a charge in the air.

This year, from the 17th day of February, lasting two days, the Desert Festival is all set to put the celebration vibes in the town, on fire and you must be there to experience.

Thumping drums, vibrantly dressed locals, dolled up markets selling handicrafts and leather merchandising, camel tattooing rituals, tug of wars, turban tying, puppeteers, acrobatics and a whole lot of vibrant craziness in the desert make it a wonderful and awe-inspiring event for you.

You can choose to fly in the desert skies and witness an eagle view of the desert while parasailing. But, if that doesn’t feel like your type you can always sit in the back seat on a wild-wild desert safari ride. And then, there are more subtle things to do (not-for-all, of course) like camel ride or an evening date in the middle of ‘literally nowhere’.

And when you are done with the festival, you can always get clicked yourself in beautiful backdrops of wind farms, cenotaphs, the desert dusk, and sandy camps. So this was the complete blog about Desert of Moustache Escapes.

What else can you do?

You see, there’s a lot, a handkerchief maze? Or an enemy tank museum? Dance, bonfire, booze in a night-camp? Maybe a haunted village? C’mon an international borderland? Well, watch out for this space to know more.