You are currently viewing A Letter to all the Girls out their on a Solo Expedition – “We care for you”

A Letter to all the Girls out their on a Solo Expedition – “We care for you”

A Letter to all the Girls out their on a Solo Expedition – “We care for you”

Solo Expedition – Isn’t it amazing to be on a voyage, with your own company, all by yourself, exploring areas within and out of yourself that you never even dreamt of? We know what it means to you and how much passionate you are about it.

Just so that you know, it is quite an accomplishment for even making the decision of traveling alone, though, plans often backfire and that is what the whole trick is all about. But that shouldn’t be stopping you from living a life of your dreams.

So we today have some essential information for you, take note and slay each time you have to make significant decisions on your solo trips across India. You Go Girl!

1: If it seems wrong, it might be wrong

Gut feelings are real, there is a reason why we have instincts that go beyond logic and reasoning just to let you know that something here is fishy. Trust yourself, and your instincts, step back whenever you feel the slightest of a doubt, you are the only one you can always trust.

2: Basics are essentials:

It is not rocket science to keep handy of a box of matches, band-aids, sanitaries, and quick snacks, cause you never know when you might need them. Additionally, a super handy equipment like a swiss knife is a perfect choice to keep creeps away when they pester around and challenge your security plus put up a camp on a middle of nowhere, just if you feel like doing it.

3: Make a thousand friends, no? Make a million connections:

You need to stop boring yourself by being around uninteresting, cheesy, shady who-mans. Rather, make connections with personalities you find amusing, with places you find amazing, with creatures you find loving enough. Not everyone should be your friend, go make more connections.

4: Learn to say NO:

If you do not choose to react yet they still get a reason to bother you, unsolicited sellers selling weird stuff you don’t need, irritating tuk-tuk riders getting on your nerves and random sh*t heads bothering you, shall stay at the bay. So, do you remember the spell? It’s N-O. So this point is also to remember for Solo Expedition. So this point is also to remember for Solo Expedition.

5: Help others and seek some:

Learn to extend a hand of help to those who need it, and never be embarrassed to ask for it when you need it. Sometimes, some things, are beyond your own control, in those moments, take help.

If you are warned, you are responsible:

“Please dress modestly, the crowd would be untamed”, “Stay away from local travel agents”, “Do not get out of the hostel late in the middle of the night, the area is unsafe.” All of it counts, and sometimes rules are not meant to be broken and you are a responsible girl, aren’t you?

Learn to play Guitar:

Eh? Hey, you don’t have to be so boring, go-by-the-rule all the time, be yourself, play ugly tunes and enjoy doing all that you have never done before and in it, find new passions that have the potential to drive you crazy.

So this was the complete blog about Solo Expedition of Moustache Escapes. With all that said, how could we forget telling, that you have a family here, Moustache is your second home, a safe haven loaded with buddies and friends you can share everything with. We strive to provide you with an unraveling experience as you come to us as a guest and leave as a family member, making a connection that you would never lose hold of. Welcome aboard!