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Ishq-e-Banaras an Exclusive Boat Ride

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The Luxury Varanasi Boat Ride Experience

It’s the “Oldest living city in the World” aka “The Land of Lord Shiva” aka “The Land of Ghats”. Like its many names like Kashi, Banaras; Varanasi displays various colors of life than just the holistic part.

Set sail with Moustache Escapes that’ll explore the city making you fall in love, all over again. presenting you a boat ride full of uniquely local experiences along the ghats of Varanasi. There must be countless places offering a boat ride. None can come close to the experience of a Boat Ride in Varanasi. The holy town full of legends is a surreal sight to behold, especially when gazed upon from a distance over the Ganges river. The countless ghats, the ancient mythological temples and the mortal being attaining nirvana can be seen in one scene from a boat. You can find many shared boat rides or get your Varanasi boat ride tour booking from the counters at the ghats. You can also check for Varanasi boat online service to compare the different Varanasi Boat Ride prices. But you’ll not find the luxury boat ride experience offered by Moustache Escapes. Sign up to explore Varanasi in a different light.

An Exclusive Night Boat Ride Varanasi

Experience the lit affair at night in the oldest living city in human history. The Varanasi Night time boat ride & tour offers just that. The lit-up ghats of Varanasi double up the light as they are reflected in the pristine holy waters of the Ganges river. Experience the surreal charm, the serene calm and the holy energies flowing through you as you become one with the city of the sages. Nighttime in Varanasi is especially a highlight of the city and when the energies around are believed to be at its peak level.

Sunset in Varanasi is the true harmony of colors

Varanasi sunset times vary throughout the year depending on the season. In winters, the sunset time in Varanasi is around 5 PM because of the shorter day length. Whereas in summers, the sunset time Varanasi boat ride and tour starts from 7:15 PM to 7:45 PM after the final lights shimmer down. Just in case you want to enjoy the boat tour in the morning, you can enjoy Moustache’s morning boat ride too.

Switch to Sunrise Boat Tour Varanasi

Boating in Varanasi during sunrise time can differ according to the season all around the year. In winters, the sunrise time in Varanasi is around 6:45 AM because of the longer day length. Whereas in summers the Varanasi sunrise time boat ride & tour can start from 4:45 AM to 5:15 AM as the first sunlight appears on the horizon.

Waking up with Morning Boat Ride Varanasi

The nighttime Varanasi boat may take all the limelight but a truly serene and peaceful morning boat ride in Varanasi is still the best offering. The boat operators are considered important members of the local society. The hard workers can be found on the ghat way early in the dawn for the Varanasi morning time boat ride & tour. Get hold of one of the boats directly or book your ride the prior day from the counter. Morning time in Varanasi is simply a truly peaceful experience to miss out on. And if you want to take that ride in style, luxury and privacy, check out the luxury Varanasi boat ride by Moustache.

What’s new in the Ganga Aarti Varanasi Online Booking?

One thing a boat ride is a must-do activity to experience is the Ganga aarti after sunset. Well, the Ganga aarti Varanasi timing evening may vary according to the season depending on the sunset timing. You can arrange the boat booking for morning Ganga aarti Varanasi from the local counters or go on the official websites for Ganga aarti Varanasi boat ride online booking. The shared or private boat ride gets crowded because of how famous the Ganga aarti in Varanasi has become as of late. Well, forget about the long-wait over the counters and book your luxury Varanasi boat ride right here, right now.

Be it the morning boat ride or the Ganga aarti boat ride in the evening, we bring you both options only at Moustache Escapes.

Experience ALL NEW Luxury and Private Boat Ride Varanasi

Be it living your romantic fantasies or relaxing with your family. The luxurious boat is a must-experience activity in Varanasi. The 3 hours long decorated boat ride takes you on a tour of the Varanasi Ghats, folk dance and buffet dinner with a luxurious Guleria Kothi Varanasi menu.

Enjoy your private boat ride on the Ganga river where you’ll be served snacks and local refreshing beverages. If curiosity arises, ask anything to your boat operator who is a native, and familiar with the history and geography of Banaras. The 18th-century restored mansion turned hotel, Guleria Kothi is a peek into the glorious past of Banaras hospitality. A romantic dinner amid the luxurious corridors of the historic building with a special Guleria Kothi restaurant menu is a night to remember forever. So, Head to Moustache Espcapes’s online boat booking in Varanasi to explore the romantic side of Varanasi on a luxury boat ride with a food package in Banaras.

Itinerary for the Varanasi Boat Ride:-

Luxury Varanasi Boat ride in the Morning

The morning boat ride starts from the famous Assi Ghat Varanasi boat ride dock at around 8 AM.

The local boat operator cum guide will show you the ghats of Varanasi and their historical significance.

Meanwhile, you will be served light appetizers while you enjoy the fresh morning breeze over the Ganges river.

After covering the ghats, it’s time to experience the local food and Varanasi’s famous street chaat.

The morning breakfast will be served at one of the famous spots near the ghat after docking the boat.

Enjoy the local blends of Lassi and a flavorful breakfast in the ancient lanes of Varanasi.

After breakfast and exploring the local streets, it’s time to head back to your boat.

The boat operator awaits as he guides you back to Assi Ghat concluding the Morning boat ride in Varanasi experience.

Luxury Varanasi Boat ride in the Evening
The romantic boating at Assi ghat Varanasi tour starts in the evening at 8 PM.

You could choose to engage with the boat guide learning about the ghats or spend a romantic time with your love overlooking the ancient city.

After completing the Ghats tour after one hour, the boat docks at the charming Guleria Kothi.

You will be welcomed by the inviting charm of the old heritage building turned into a luxury hotel.

Spend your time like royalty over dinner choosing from the standard or premium menu of the renowned restaurant of Guleria Kothi.

Take a brief tour of the opulent hallways of the Guleria Kothi ultimately heading back to your boat.

Conclude your Varanasi boat ride tour by sharing the lovely serene ride back to Assi Ghat.

Bid adieu to your guide and end a romantic night never to forget.

Seamlessly book your Ishq-e-Banaras an Exclusive Boat Ride directly from our property for an effortless and memorable experience.

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