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Satpura Jungle Picnic

Satpura National Park which is also known as Sapura Tiger Reserve Madhai spans over a large area of dense forest. It inhabits trees of teak, Sal, maple, and other rare species. Located at the foothills of Pachmarhi hill station, this is also a famous place for several adventurous activities such as riverside camping, trekking, and hiking.

Jungle picnic package offers you a chance to enjoy a quiet afternoon or evening in the middle of dense forest beside the silent river. You get the opportunity to escape the buzz of the city and enjoy some time thrill time only with your pals or family.

Jungle picnic is best when you are exploring Pachmarhi or panarpani and would like to have delicious smoky barbeque lunch or dinner. There are two major slots for the picnic. You can either do it in the afternoon or the evening. Both have their own perks.

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The afternoon seems more lively, pleasant, and sunny, whereas, the evening becomes colder but more relaxing. While you are having a quiet time at the picnic, you can play games too! If you have got some crazy friends, you need nothing else to make the best out of this jungle picnic.

The dense forests of Satpura have a dense history behind them. They have been used as travel trails by British soldiers during colonial times. Pachmarhi itself was a discovery of a colonial British office known as James Forsyth. If you’d like to see the trail he took with his diligent comrades when he discovered Pachmahri, we have just the thing for you. Follow the ancient footsteps of Captain James Forsyth on the Forsyth trail trek with us. Laden with history, you’re picnicking in a hotspot of not only stories but also birds and animals.

The Satpura ranges are crawling with various species of wildlife that you might be seeing for the first time, so hold tight. You’d be accompanied by the music of many exotic birds as you sit next to a calming water stram and enjoy your picnic in the wild. Realize that you’re sitting in the midst of a National park as you enjoy your picnic. Small animals like the spotted squirrel and deers and bound to roam about around you. View them without destroying their natural habitat. It goes without saying that we must leave the picnic spot as beautiful and neat as we found it.

Littering is never the right thing to do! Post picnic, we must clean up all the plastic wrappers and water bottles spread everywhere and take them to the nearest trash can we can find. The whole experience is something out of a fairytale, experience it and enjoy it. On the way to the picnic, you might experience many waterfalls and beautiful ponds that you can explore. Once you set up the picnic spot, it’s time to whip out the bonfire. Are you ready for your jungle picnic? Your jungle adventure tours have begun! A barbeque is the most essential factor when it comes to going for a picnic in the wild, specially Satpura.

The whole experience is wrapped around making you feel the beauty of nature while at the same time providing you with the calm and peace that comes with being far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The noise pollution here is so negligible that you can hear your thought very clearly. The only sounds entering your ears are going to be the hearty conversation of the people around you and the gentle footsteps of the animals walking on dry leave and stomping on twigs around you. Congratulations, you’re in the midst of Satpura but even more importantly, you’re in the present, and that’s the true Moustache Experience. The Satpura ke jungle call out to you!


Jungle Picnic 

Start/End Point: Gypsy Camps

Meal Included: Dinner / Lunch

  • Though the picnic happens deep in the forest but the trip starts from the Gypsy Camps. The pickup from the Campsite will happen either at 11 am or 5 am. Choose the time according to your convenience. 
  •  Once chosen, report at the retreat at the given time. From the property, you will have a short drive to the picnic spot
  • After you have reached, settle down. The site will be either at a riverbed area (Moti Reta) or a place near the water stream (Dhana Pagara). The weather stays pretty pleasant and cool. 
  • You have ample time to enjoy it there. Go around, explore the site, sit beside the water or play games. If you have friends, you can sing, dance or play whatever you wish to. 
  • The major highlight of the jungle picnic is the barbeque lunch or dinner. If you want, you can tell us in advance whatever you wish to eat. The food is super delicious and smoky. 
  •  After savoring the lunch, gather up and it’s time to move back. Hop in the car and take a short drive to the property. 
  • The trip ends here. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to serve you well.

Things To Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts, Jeans

2. Comfortable walking shoes

3. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

4. Water bottle

5. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

6. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

7. Personal toiletries

8. Hand Sanitizer & face masks

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