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Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu trek gives you the opportunity to add an extra feather to your hat of extraordinary experiences. It also instils a feeling of victory and elevation when standing over the highest peak of the West Bengal. You not only stand on the highest peak but amongst the greatest peaks of the world. The sheer gravity of that moment is much larger than life and your entire bouquet of experiences.

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One thing which sets apart this trek is the uniqueness of its location. You don’t have to get bored by trekking on the same old routes of Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, but meandering through the other side of the Himalayan region on the India – Nepal border. The other idea which attracts a lot of attention from the trekkers is that you get the chance to do a multi–national trek which interestingly means, you get to trek on the lands of two different countries – India and Nepal.

Can you imagine you are standing in India and buying tea from Nepal? Isn’t the mere thought so amazing? What if, one leg of yours in India and the other in Nepal, wouldn’t it be an experience of the entire century? That’s how astounding is the Sandakphu trek. Everything keeping aside, though you must have read this a thousand time but the centrality of this trek hovers over the idea of spotting four of the five highest peaks of the world. The magnificent Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu will be the first ones to be spotted. If you have got all the luck of your life right on your palm, you will also get a view of the incredible Mt. Everest. To your right, you will have the breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga family of peaks watching directly in your eyes and calling you.

Though the Sandakphu trekking is closed only in the season of the monsoon but the best time to savour the ever amazing Sandakphu weather is do it either in Autumn or Winters. The light cold air and pleasant sun of September and October makes it a very pleasing experience all together. Trekking in Autumn is astonishing in itself because then you can spot blooming red and pink rhododendrons and magnolia and greenish meadows on the entire route.

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By the time monsoon ends, you get spectacular views of verdant clearings and viridescent tops of short mountains. Whereas in the winters, you will have altogether a very different experience of mild snowy atmosphere. Unlike in Autumn, months between December – February will have you by the shock of awe-inspiring views of patched snow fields, dense forests and grassy meadows. Winters in Sandakphu are much milder in contrast to winters in high altitude peaks of Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh. Snow is very mild yet pleasing and the Sandakphu temperature drops maximum to 1-2 degree Celsius. But no matter what weather you choose to do Sandakphu, it will surprise you with its pleasant surprises and wonders.

Majority of the trek happens over the Singalila ridge, from where you can almost see 5 – 10 km far from your standing. The trail passes through the Singalila National Park which again is a major attraction to naturalists and bird watchers. The region being rich with diverse flora and fauna, you might also spot few of the rarest species of birds and get some amazing captures for your gallery. But amidst all of these things, one cannot choose to ignore the surprising Red Pandas. The national park is a natural habitat for a lot of them, and if you are at the right time and at the right place, you can actually spot a Red Panda!

Sandakphu Tour also brings the adventure of spending time and living in few of the local villages which comes in your way while trekking. The region being home to 13 unique ethnic groups gives you the opportunity to receive the ever-warming hospitality and the chance to taste some delicious local cuisine. If you befriend a local, you might also get a golden chance to learn to cook some of their local food and devour them.

Finally, though you will be trekking at an astounding Sandakphu height of 11, 900 ft. but Sandakphu trek is considered one of the long-distanced treks and the entirety of almost 46 km might leave in exhaustion. But a little building of stamina and morning exercises for a few weeks will easily prepare you to conquer the highest peak in West Bengal. Come, join us to the best expedition experience in the state of West Bengal amidst the tall peeping trees and blooming rhododendrons. Book our Sandakphu tour and trek package today.


Day 1: Arrive at Manebhanjan

Altitude:  6,325 ft

Drive:  75 km (3 hrs drive)

Meals Included: Dinner

Stay type: Stay at guest houses on a double / triple sharing basis.

  • If you have got some extra time to your kart, explore the beautiful Siliguri. Enjoy some food at one of the cafes and have a look around the local market.
  • Once you are ready to take off, book a cab and drive to Manebhanjan which will be approximately 4 hours drive taking you to a small yet charming mountain township situated at the border of India and Nepal.
  • Guess what, the best thing about the drive is that you will go through the ever-famous Darjeeling and its beautiful tea garden. The route is an absolute delight and cherry on the cake. 
  • Do you know, the Land Rovers which take to the National Park and further to Sandakphu are now very rare to find anywhere in the world. Word is around that there are only very few left to experience, lucky you.
  • Settle yourself with comfort and go around for evening strolls on the street of this charming little town.

Day 2: Drive from Manebhanjan to Chitrey and trek to Tumling

Altitude: 6,325ft to 8,340ft to 9,022 ft

Drive: 3 km drive

Trek: 6 km (4-5hrs)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay Type: Stay at the dorm on quad or 8 sharing basis.

  • Today is the first day to your amazing journey. Get ready, fill in the excitement and pull up your socks and start the day with a heavy yet scrumptious breakfast. First, we are going to have a short drive from Manebhanjan to Chitrey which is also one of the drinking point and from there we are going to trek to Tumling.
  • The drive is rather steep but it is only going to take about 20 – 30 minutes to reach Chitrey. Fill up your water bottles here and start for the trek.
  • Tumling is a very small town on the India – Nepal border. From here, you will be constantly going on and off the Nepal land. The border here is very porous but you might be needing your documents. So, please keep it handy here.
  • On the way to Tumling, you can easily spot Tonglu which is the highest peak in the Singalila range and also our next resting point. The region is full with local villages and Tumling is one of them. It hardly accommodates not more 20 – 30 families. Staying among the local families and getting to know their culture is very much a part of the Sandakphu trek. Sometimes, this time of meeting localities might seem the best too.

Day 3: Tumling to Kalapokhri

Altitude: 9,022 ft to 9,875 ft

Trek: 13 km (6-7hrs)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay Type: Stay at the dorm on quad or 8 sharing basis.

  • What better life would it be to wake up to an astonishing view of Kanchenjunga family of peaks right outside of your stay. The view of sun rays gradually falling over the top of those peaks and slowly melting towards the foothills of the mountains. Mt. Kumbhakarna and Mt. Shimbho standing just beside the family of peaks – The Sleeping Buddha to elevate your mood. Imagine the height at which you are right now. Aren’t you already getting excited? Well, Sandakphu is a kind of a very exciting trek.
  • The interesting things about today will be the trails through the famous Singalila National Park. The moment you trudge inside the park, a very different atmosphere will take over your mood. The mild coldness in the air, greenish meadows accompanying to your sides and bright-colored birds chirping just above you. The park is renowned for its natural beauty and a habitat for amazingly diverse wildlife. Today will be a happy day for all the naturalists and bird watchers. If you are very lucky, you might also get a chance to sport a RED PANDA!! Enjoy your time meandering through the thick forests and smelling the softening smell of wet soil.
  • Trekking almost for an hour you will reach to the next resting point – Garibas. It is again a very small town on the Nepal side which hosts a few small hotels and charming tea houses. Rest here for a while and reenergize to complete the trek for the rest of the day.
  • Last part of the day is to trek via kaiyarkatta to Kalapokhri – village of the lakes. The name Kalipokhri literally means ‘The Black Water’ attaching a very scary picture to it, but guess what? It is a very beautiful town with equally amazing people. Reach Kalipokhri and relax. Your day comes to an end here. Sleep a sound night, tomorrow is the day when you are going to trek to the summit, therefore proper rest is advisable.

Day 4: Kalipokhri to Sandakphu

Altitude: 9,875 ft to 11,929

Trek: 9 km (4-5hrs)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay Type: Stay at the dorm on quad or 8 sharing basis.

  • Today is the most exciting day of the entire trek. Wake up to the cold air and refreshing mist and have a good steaming breakfast.
  • Trek from Kalipokhri to Sandakphu summit isn’t going to very draining and tough for anyone who has an average physical fitness. It is important that during the trek, you enjoy the amazing view accompanying you till you reach the summit. The weather depending over the month you are trekking will be very pleasant and rejuvenating.
  • After meandering over the crooked route and reaching the summit, you will realize how unnerving is the view around Sandakphu. You will be standing not only over the highest peak in West Bengal but amongst the greatest peaks of the world. The sheer view of the peaks on a clear sunny day will leave you dumbfounded and bewildered.
  • How about staying over the summit? Well, you will be staying right there over such a height for the night in a small but beautifull hotel. Once the evening falls and the temperature decreases, look above you and observe the blanket of stars taking over the skies. It will be a perfect night and a spot to star gaze along with your peeps and sing to the moment. Enjoy the climax.

Day 5: Sandakhphu to Srikhola

Altitude: 11,929 ft to 6,900 ft

Trek: 16 km (5-6 hrs)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay Type: Stay at the guest house on a double / triple sharing basis.

  • After waking up to breath-taking dawn and observing the immortal beauty of nature, savour the tasty breakfast and get ready to cover a long distanced descend.
  • There are multiple routes to the descend, but trust us, we are going to take you through one of the best routes. While trekking downwards, capture the scenic landscapes with spectacular rhododendrons, maple and Birch marking your route.
  • You are going to be walking over the ridge giving you the benefit of having an amazing view of both the sides. Though it is going to be a long-distance to trek, but you will have enough spots to rest and refresh yourself. The descend is quite drastic, therefore you will have to give enough time to your body to adjust to the changing height.

Day 6: Departure from Srikhola

Meals included: Breakfast

  • Here is where the amazing journey of trekking over the beautiful Singalila ridge comes to an end. We sincerely hope that you have made a beautiful set of memories and experienced a lot of thrills. After having a last breakfast with us, say bye to us and promise to meet us soon again. We thank you for giving us the chance to host you.

The trek ends here.

Things To Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans / Trekking Pants -2

2. Windproof jacket of good quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) Ideally with a hood

3. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater

4. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower),Scarf/muffler (optional)

5. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)

6. Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (Waterproof shoes with a thick sole are recommended)

7. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

8. Raincoat / Poncho, Small quick dry towel

9. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)

10. Cap / Hat to stay the powerful sun away from your face

11. Sun glasses (polarized/UV Protected), Walking stick / Trekking pole

12. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)

13. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

14. Personal toiletries

15. Day pack/small bag in case if you are planing to offload your regular backpack

16. Hand Sanitizer

17. Extra face masks

18. Camera if you like (with fully charged batteries)

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