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Sandakphu in Land Rover

Sandakphu Land Rover : Sandakphu is the highest point of West Bengal which offers an incredible panoramic view of the world’s highest snowline, serving from the snow ensconced peaks of Nepal to Bhutan and farther east to Tibet.

Sandakphu offers a clear view of Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world. Mt. Lhotse, the fourth highest peak of the world, is also known as the south peak in Tibet and Mt. Makalu, the fifth highest peak of the world standing along with Everest range of the peaks. The trip also offers a great view of Kanchenjunga massif shaped like a Sleeping Buddha.

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Most of the time on this trip you will be walking on a ridge which acts as India – Nepal Border. On this trip you will be walking in Indian Territory, however you will enter Nepal for sleeping as all the guest houses on this route are in Nepal’s territory, even the one in Sandakphu.

The trail goes through the Singalila National Park which is shared by India – Nepal, the route is a zig-zag ascend through the Singalila ridge. Singalila national park offers a great variety of flora & fauna with flowers blooming at the respective time of the year, not only it also offers a great variety of birds and animals the lucky one gets to spot Red Panda, Black Himalayan Bear, Barking Deer etc in their natural habitat.

The trip of Sandakphu is not one of the challenging trips as there’s no such abrupt altitude gain and is mostly swinging through. Although one must work on their fitness in order to take this trip as the sheer distance can be challenging, all in all it’s a trip full of adventures while offering strong majestic views that no trip in India offers.

This mode of trip is best suitable for friends and families who have less days to travel and who wishes to enjoy the Historic Land Rovers drive.

Take this magnificent journey with us to Sandakphu, West Bengal’s highest mountain, in a 1960’s Land Rover, that will be as stunningly gorgeous as it will be an adrenaline ride unlike any other. Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu, four of the largest global highest peaks, can all be viewed from the top. You’ll also travel to Phalut from Sandakphu, from which you’ll have the best mountain views Kangchenjunga. The grandeur and power of the rocky mountains will enchant and awe you. It appears as though you can reach out and touch the summit since it is so near.

The Manebhanjan area is famously known as the land of the Land Rovers. These land rovers have been left here by the pre-colonial Britishers who brought Land Rovers into India. They found Land Rovers to be a convenient way to travel from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu and back. Post Independence, they didn’t only leave the country, but they also left their awesome Lad Rovers behind. These land rovers are still used to transport people and important products up to Sandakphu. In fact, the only vehicles allowed up to Sandakphu are these land rovers. Nothing else is deemed strong enough to be trusted to take people to such heights. These land rovers are so loved since they have the faith of the locals in them. They have been, for many years, taking people up and down the treacherous path of Sandakphu. Even though the vehicles are one of the sturdiest ones around, the drivers have to keep brushing their skills to safely drive up there. They sure are Bravehearts. So now you see, the Sandakphu Land Rovers have a rich history behind them, so get excited to join Moustache.


Day 1: Arrive at Manebhanjan

Altitude: 6,325 ft

Drive: 75 km (4-5 hrs drive)

Meals Included: Dinner

Stay type: Stay at guest houses on a double / triple sharing basis.

  • Take a shared cab from Siliguri to Manebhanjan, it’s a 4-5 hrs drive which takes you to a small mountain township situated at the border of India & Nepal.
  • During your journey to Manebhanjan you will pass through Darjeeling.
  • Manebhanjan is the starting point of the trip and you can spot old Land Rovers which serve the Singlingla National park and the drive to Sandakphu.
  • After landing into your guest house, step out and explore on your own.

Day 2: Manebhanjan to Sandakphu in Vintage land rover

Altitude: 11,950 ft

Drive: 30 km (1-1.5hr drive)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay Included: Stay at the guest house in triple / quad sharing basis

  • Wake up to a chilly morning and enjoy your breakfast with a view to the Kachenjunga massif. After breakfast get ready for the drive
  • You will be heading to Sandakphu in approx 100 yrs old iconic Land Rover, During the drive enjoy the scenic views and do not forget to capture memories.
  • The main attraction of this spot is the 180 degree of panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks such as Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Nuptse, Baruntse, Chamling, Chomolonzo, Machapuchare and other peaks of the Annapurna range spread out towards the west, the sleeping Buddha lies before you. In the east you see the highest range of Butan, Chomolhari is the highest peak rises above all.
  • The hotel where you will be staying has the best view point in Sandakphu. You can view 4 out of 5 world’s tallest mountains including Mt. Everest, you can also view sunrise and sunset with a panaromic view of all the important peaks of himalayas from Nepal in the west to Bhutan in the east, It also offers the best view of Sleeping Buddha. To view all this you don’t have to go anywhere, you just have to go on the roof of the Hotel and you can enjoy the view with a hot cup of tea in your hand without doing any effort.
  • During winters Sandakphu is usually covered with snow and sometimes drops to sub zero temperatures in the night.

Day 3: Sandakphu to Manebhanjan in Vintage Land Rover

Drive: 30 km (1-1.5hr drive)

Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks- Dinner

Stay type: Stay at guest houses on a double / triple sharing basis.

  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast overlooking 4 out of the 5 highest peaks of the world.
  • After breakfast pack your bags and get ready for a drive to Manebhanjan, during the drive you will pass through the dense forest of Singalila National Park, also different varieties of birds and animals can be spotted.
  • After reaching Manebhanjan, check in the guest house freshen up and step out of the property and explore the nearby shops on your own also you can try taking a nature walk around the village.

Day 4: Departure from Manebhanjan

  • After breakfast with a heavy heart bid bye to the majestic views of the highest peaks in the world.

Things To Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans

2. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater

3. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower), Scarf/muffler (optional)

4. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)

5. Comfortable Hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole are recommended)

6. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

7. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

8. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

9. Personal toiletries

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