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Roopkund Trek Package

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India; the Roopkund trek journeys through various mysteries, mythologies, and local folklores. The remnants of horses and human skeletons from the Palaeolithic era have led to the appellation “Mystery Lake” for this body of water. Thus, the mysterious Roopkund Lake continues to draw attention amidst Himalayan ranges.

The Roopkund trekking tour starts in a little community called Lohajung. It’s known as the Roopkund base camp. It’s a minor pass in the Garhwal Himalayas that is located 16,499 feet above sea level. Journeying to one of the most well-known lakes in all of Uttarakhand, the trip to Roopkund admires the natural Himalayan beauty. Get an enchanting view of Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Nanda Devi, and other nearby landmarks, as well as the Gomati River on the sides. Furthermore, the expansive alpine panorama and the glacier that surrounds the bone lake will astound you as you approach it.

What not to miss on Roopkund trek distance?

The Roopkund trek distance starts from Kathgodam, on a well-marked path to Raun Bagad. What’s interesting is to observe how the scene changes as one progresses on your Roopkund trekking guide. From the mesmerizing views and the diverse terrain, here are some of the highlights of Roopkund trekking packages: –

1 The unbeatable meadows at Roopkund trek altitude

The Roopkund trek altitude features two mind-blowingly large alpine meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal. It resembles your famous Windows XP wallpaper nearly exactly. These bugyals cover a sizable region and serve as pastures for the local animals. Any person will be drawn in by the bugyals’ lush vegetation and stay for a while. These bugyals are particular to the Garhwal region’s eco-system, and they become much more captivating during the flowering season when the blooms paint the meadows with vibrant hues.

2 Deep dense forest & sparkling streams of Roopkund Trek

Mountains have a unique eco-system that differs significantly from lowlands. The magnificent dark woodlands are where the Roopkund Trek goes. On a calm day, one can hear a symphony of cooing birds among the greenery, whistling wind through branches, and rustling dry leaves. You will pass the “Ran ka Dhar,” a creek, as you continue on your trek to Ghairoli Patal. Along the way to your destination, oak and rhododendron woodlands will be encountered. On your trip from Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni, you will also pass another creek.

3 Roopkund trek in India meets the nation’s ‘Mightiest’

One of the main highlights of the Roopkund trek is the peaks that you’re going to experience. Throughout the trek, you’re fed with magnificent views of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. Apart from these two, you see the imposing Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth Peak, Kedarnath, Kedar Dome, and other white peaks from the Roopkund Lake.

4 Skeleton Lake, the ultimate trophy of Roopkund Trek

The glacier lake is your final stop, at Roopkund trek itinerary. At one point of time, the lake included 500 or more skeleton remains of humans and animals. For a long time, it has been a fascinating subject that draws more people there. Situated at 16,100 ft. above sea level, the lake is encircled by towering mountains and glaciers and continues to be mostly covered with ice. Despite the fact that the human skeletons are fascinating, visitors should not take a piece for themselves.

The Roopkund trek difficulty level offers the perfect dose of adventure with a bunch of steep climbs with slippery but fun descents. No roller coaster can give you the adrenaline rush you get as you walk along a sharp and exposed ridge. Besides, if you want to be within the breathing space of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, this is the place to be.
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Roopkund Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Kathgodam/Rishikesh to Lohajung

Drive: 210 km
Altitude: 7,662 ft.
Stay: Shared Guest house / Homestay
Meal: Dinner

  • Arrive at Rishikesh (or Kathgodam), and get transferred to Lohajung (9-10 hours).
  • Enjoy your ride watching the stunning views of Trishul, Maiktoli, Nanda Devi, Ghori Parvat, Nanda Khat, Hathi Parvat, and Ghori Parvat.
  • Take a small halt at “Teen Dhara” for refreshments, continue driving to Lohajung.
  • Once arrived check-in to your Guest House/Homestay.
  • Visit local markets, shopping jackets, hand gloves, shoes, etc. if case you forgot to pack any. Later, have dinner and rest.

Day 2: Lohajung Base Camp to Didna Village via Kuling village

Trek: 10 Km
Altitude: 8,145 ft.
Stay: Tent Stay
Meal: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

  • Wake up for breakfast and afterwards trek to Raun Bagad.
  • Descend through mixed forests on a moderate difficult trail (2-2½ hrs) to reach the Ruan Bagad, which is an iron bridge across the famous Neel Ganga River.
  • Hereafter climb to Didina which is relatively tough time in the beginning. Although, you would reach Didina in about an hour and a half time.
  • Overnight stay in your camp for dinner and rest.

Day 3: Didna Village to Abin Kharik via Ali Bugyal and Toplani

Trek: 12 Km
Altitude: 12,200 ft.
Stay: Shared Tent Stay
Meal: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

  • Start your day with breakfast and start your trek to Toplani.
  • From Toplani, the trail ascends to Tolkaan in the northern direction. The meadow trek goes through a series of switchbacks and grassyoak mountains.
  • After reaching Tolkaan, take a sharp left towards the south and steer through the ridge to come out of the forest at Ali Bugyal, then to Bedni Bugyal.
  • Take your time enjoying the meadow view. Later, start trek to Abin Kharik with slight ascend.
  • Reach your campsite (1.5 -2 hours) for overnight stay, post dinner at the campsite.

Day 4: Abin Kharik to Bahkuwabasa via Bedni, Pater Nachoni & Kaluvinayak

Trek: 12 Km
Altitude: 14,000 ft.
Stay: Shared Tent Stay
Meal: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

  • Explore the morning view of Bedani Bugyal, around green grass, Bedani Kund, and View of Patti ka danda. According to the myth Lord Brahma created here Vedas.
  • After breakfast depart to Patar Nachauni, a 5 km distance that takes 2-3 hours to reach.
  • The trek from Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni is an easy trek. You would follow a straight line ahead. On your gradual increase to the slope, the trek brings you to the other side of the ridge. The view from this point is absolutely marvelous.
  • Your route takes a climb to Kalu Vinayak, which is a steep and zigzag way to take you up the mountain. Go through this section carefully and slowly. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kalu Vinayak.
  • The route from Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa is simple and gradually slopes downwards from here. The trail towards Bhagwabasa goes through snow patches and you would enjoy the journey.
  • Reach Bahkuwabasa as early to acclimatize to the weather. Night halt in camp.

Day 5: Bhagwabasa to Roopkund (Junargali) and back to Pater Nachoni

Trek: 10 km
Altitude: 16,000 ft.
Stay: Shared Tent Stay
Meal: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

  • Start off early at 4 AM to return back to Bhagwabasa. Today, you’ll trek on snow.
  • Careful on the snowy slopes, as it may trick you. The snow is still hard before sunrise and softens as the day progresses. Thus, making your feet sink in the ice and unfavourable to trek further.
  • The Roopkund trek route ascends (3Km) from Bhagwabasa.
  • After a steep climb of 3 – 3½ hours, you’ll reach Roopkund.
  • Post visiting Roopkund, continue climbing to Junargali (around 200 ft.) which is 25 – 30 min hike.
  • Later, return to back to Pater Nachoni and rest.

Day 6: Pater Nachoni to Lohajung via Wan & Ranka Dhar (Drive from Wan to Lohajung)

Trek: 5 km
Drive: Wan to Lohajung
Altitude: 7,662 ft.
Stay: Shared Tent Stay
Meal: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

  • Wake up fresh and have breakfast.
  • Continue you trek (2hr) to Bedni and then descend to Ghairoli Patal in 1hr.
  • Afterwards, hike on the steep ridge descent to reach Neel Ganga River.
  • From the river, it takes a short half-hour climb to the ridge above Wan Village.
  • There’s an alternative longer route to get down to Wan. From the ridge top of Wan, take the main trail that runs to the right. Follow the trail until it reaches the Cyprus trees at the lower Wan village.
  • Once arrived, hop onto your jeep from Wan to Lohajung (45 mins).

Day 7: Lohajung to Kathgodam/Rishikesh

Meal: Breakfast
Drive: 210 km

  • Wake up, freshen up, and have your breakfast.
  • Drive back to Kathgodam/Rishikesh.

The trek ends here.

Things to Carry for Roopkund Trek

  1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans / Trekking Pants -2
  2. Windproof jacket of decent quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) preferably with a hood
  3. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater
  4. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower), Scarf/muffler (optional)
  5. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)
  6. Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (Waterproof shoes with a thick sole are recommended)
  7. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
  8. Raincoat / Poncho, Small quick dry towel
  9. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)
  10. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face
  11. Sun glasses (polarized/UV Protected), Walking stick / Trekking pole
  12. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  13. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
  14. Personal toiletries
  15. Day pack/small bag in case if you are planning to offload your regular backpack
  16. Hand Sanitizer
  17. Extra face masks

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