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Pushkar Sunset Tour

Pushkar Sunset Tour – If you haven’t sat on one of the Aravalli hills, with a couple of your friends and have not witnessed the calm serene brilliantly read and orange sun drowning in the infinite ocean of lovely brown sand, then you haven’t felt what it is to be completely weightless against your body while conversing with the cold breeze and sensing each speck of your soul. That’s what sunset in Pushkar does to you.

Pushkar being one of the oldest villages in Rajasthan describes this state of deserts in the aptest way possible. A village still submerged in the world of ancient sands, bright-coloured shops, and an air of traditionality, it offers you something which none of the villages anywhere in the world can. A perfect balanced blend of traditionality and modernity with a sly sense of flexibility of time and culture. Nothing is more exciting than doing a camel ride in Pushkar and spending an adorable evening with friends on the top of a hill.

To be able to walk through the old weary boulevards of Pushkar means a world to those who understand the essence of a culture survived through the storms of modernity and westernization. Moustache believes that anyone who is alien to this astounding culture and tradition of Pushkar must have a chance to witness it firsthand, Hence, we are delighted to present you the extravagant ‘Pushkar Sunset Tour’.

To bring the ethos of Pushkar’s sunset in a form of expression is like dreaming to walk on the moon someday soon. Sitting on the top of a hill and experiencing the charm of that lovely sunset can be only felt and sensed.

To have perfect timing between an itching heat and caressing cold, our sunset tour starts at 4 p.m. Pushkar being a village, walking is the primary means of conveyance, therefore we too will walk through the roads and streets, and hike over a small hill to the reach the famous Savitri temple.

To serve you in the best way possible and help you explore every nook and corner of this enchanting village, our tour will trudge through some nearby rural settlements so that you can also get to see the myriad mechanisms of a pure Indian village, which thankfully is still untouched by the wave of modernity. On the way, befriend the locals, laugh on their stupid yet amazing stories and take a few life skills from them too.

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You will also have a traditional Kulhad chai with a plate of hot delicious samosas from one of the local shops to enjoy the evening. Guess what, the tour also consists of a small adventurous hike to the Savitri temple. After you have walked for 1.5 km, you will a turn and an elevation will start. Its an interesting hike, nothing which is difficult or needs a lot of effort. But the best part is that within 15 minutes, you will reach a height from where you can almost see the entire Pushkar from your own eyes. Isn’t it exhilarating to watch the entire life of Pushkar city right in front of you? Once you have reached the Savitri temple, go around the explore the antique halls of it. If you are a Hindu believer, nothing better to do a small prayer in front of the shrine.

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The hill at which the temple is based has a lot of area around it. Find yourself and for your friends the most comfortable place and wait for the moment – The sunset moment. Well, we wouldn’t want to ruin the expression and essence of what the sunset looks like, so savour the moment.

Another interesting thing about the sunset tour is the evening time. Once the sun has gone down and you have enjoyed the incredible moment, you will see the amazing Pushkar city would be twinkling and glittering because of its street lights. It’s a spectacular sight to behold! While you are coming hiking down and are on the way, its time for the stories to come out. Have your own good time sharing and listening to the stories of the guide and the other people in the group. You won’t believe how heart-warming that moment is!

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Besides the exuberant sunset point in Pushkar, there are a pack of other amazing things to do in Pushkar too! A piece of secret Moustache advice, do not forget to hop on the famous camel safari in Pushkar and take a tranquil evening stroll on the bluish Pushkar ghats. They are just AMAZING!


Start / Endpoint: Moustache Pushkar

Start time: 4:30 pm onwards

Distance: 5 km both side

You have a whole of morning and afternoon to yourself. Enjoy the narrow buzzing streets of Pushkar and don’t forget to get yourself a hippy souvenir of ‘Where is Pushkar’!

At 4 o’clock, our tour to the sunset point will start, so it is important that you and your pals reach the Moustache Pushkar will in time. Come, meet us in the hall and say hi to us. Once everyone has gathered up and are ready to start the walk, we will have a short briefing session to explain the tour. 

The moment you leave the Moustache, the road will take you through the authentic ancient village of Rajasthan. It is a perfect time to watch and understand the mechanism of an India village. If you have got a chance, go befriend the locals and hear some stupendous stories to laugh on!

Next comes our tea and Samosa time. On the way, we will provide a cup of tea with a plate of tasty samosas. If you want, we can also get them packed and bring them to the sunset point. Though, they are a perfect combination.

After you have enjoyed the evening snacks, we will finally proceed for the hike. It’s going to be a small hike but definitely fun to pursue. As you move upward, the town gets smaller and distance increases from you. It’s an amazing sight to behold as the hills are not very tall like the Himalayas yet they are huge to take you at a certain elevation. It looks like a ridge where you can walk and hop onto next hill just by walking.

When you will reach the top, you will understand why we were so excited about the sunset point. You will have the entire Pushkar and its people on one side and the entire Aravalli range on the other. The height at which the temple is situated is amazing to know. So, you will have Savitri temple, a tangerine sunset to savour and the twinkling Pushkar to watch, all at one place – The sunset point.

After you are filled with satisfaction and a sense of joy, start hiking down with your friends and proceed towards the hostel. Do not forget, this is the best time to share stories and learn a billion things about your pals and the guide. Enjoy till the last step.

Once you have reached our hostel – Moustache Pushkar, time to say goodbye! We hope to see you super soon for yet another exciting journey.

Things To Carry

1.   Comfortable Hiking shoes

2.   Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3.   Personal toiletries

4.  Hand Sanitizer

5.  Extra face masks

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