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Night On Wheels – Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Adventure Camp – Gypsy Camps is a beautiful property nestled deep in a peaceful forest area in the Satpura National Park. With a boastful view of the stunning Panchmarhi hill station, our retreat is located at just an ideal location to escape the crowded metropolitan cities.

Night on Wheels is a package that offers a balanced blend of adventures and tranquillity. With thrills of river side camping and the fun of stargazing, this takes you on a rollercoaster of multiple experiences.

In the entire tour, you get a chance to enjoy a campfire just beside a gushing river, witness the twinkling sky, and get to know the secrets of such dense forests.

Satpura National Park which is also called Satpura Tiger Reserve covers a huge forest area of 524 sq ft. and has an extremely rugged terrain. Our retreat that sits somewhere in the park holds a peaceful atmosphere with offbeat adventures.

Adventures included in the package:

Riverside Camping:

One of the highlights of this tour is the amazing riverside camping. You get a chance to set up your camps just beside the river and spend the night near to it. Camping in general is so much fun and exciting. You get to spend some alone time with your friends and family and enjoy playing games in a remote area.

But riverside camping is just a cherry on the top of a cake. What better to enjoy everything just beside the gushing waters. It is so refreshing and keeps the environment very pleasant.

Riverside camping has own its perks. You can always go sit on the banks of the river and spend some time to yourself. Sunrise is the best catch of this experience. Waking up early and witnessing the beautiful sun rising from the river is breathtaking.

Campfire, Star Gazing, and Barbeque dinner:

To add more spices to your riverside camping, we will have a campfire and an extremely delicious barbeque dinner (bbq dinner). Campfire is really fun. We usually play several games such as Antrakshari, Truth or Dare, or whatever you wish to play.

Campfire games along with nice background music bring the best of this experience.

One of the last things of that night is super delicious barbeque food (bbq dinner party). Now, the best part is, you can choose whatever you want to it. All you have to do is tell us before we start the tour and we will have everything ready by the time of dinner.

The taste of smoky food is just unparallel. The flavor that comes after a gradual barbeque over coals is something to savor. After dinner, you have the chance to enjoy stargazing.

If the weather is clear, nothing is more sensational than looking at the wondrous stars sparkling in the navy-blue sky. To end the night with such a beautiful experience is once in a lifetime experience.

A Walk Through the Woods with a Naturalist:

Satpura National park in Satpura ranges is a huge forest area covered with dense forests and hidden waterfalls. The last exciting part of this tour is the jungle walk with a naturalist.

This forest is a vault full of amazing hidden waterfalls, lakes, and facts. Our naturalist is also an experienced guide who will take you through the most unknown part of the forest.

Enjoy exploring the interesting facts about nature and unearth some beautiful waterfalls. If time permits and the waterfall is safe, take a nice refreshing dip in the waters too! What makes the walk super interesting is the storytelling part.

The naturalist will engage you through the entire with some historical facts and stories. Learn some surprising facts about forests.

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Night On The Wheels:

Start/End Point: Moustache Panarpani Retreat

Stay Type: Tent stay on sharing basis

Meals Included: Dinner – Breakfast 

  • The tour starts from Moustache Gypsy Camps. So please report at the retreat maximum by 4:30 PM. Once you have reached and waved us a ‘Hi’, our local guide will have a short briefing session.
  • Post briefing session, our tour starts. Hop in the car along with your pals and start the drive. The gypsy will take you through enchanting jungle trails and will drop you at the campsite.
  • As told, our campsite is just beside the gushing river. Admire the location and get settled in your camps.
  • You have the entire evening to yourself. Although we will have some games to play, if you got something for yourself, please be our guest. Enjoy playing games and the feel of settling just beside the river.
  • Here comes the best part. Barbeque dinner along with bustling campfire. You will have light music in the background with a super tasty barbequed dinner. Savour the smoky food and play along.
  • Post dinner, lay under the open sky, and try star gazing. If the weather stays clear, you will be amazed to see the spectacular twinkling star.
  • One tent will be pitched on top of a gypsy in the middle of a forest next to the gushing river. You will sleep on top of a gypsy under the twinkling stars.
  • You will have to wake up early to catch the sunrise and the walk, so sleep accordingly.
  • Wake up early and get along with the naturalist. If the time is right, you will get a chance to witness the beautiful sunrise too. The naturalist will take you through hidden trails while explaining interesting stories.
  • You will find charming waterfalls and several hidden spots that still are unexplored. Enjoy the time in the middle of the dense forest and then come back to the campsite.
  • From there by noon, we will ride back to the retreat. Here our trip ends. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us.

Things To Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts, Jeans

2. Comfortable walking shoes

3. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

4. Water bottle

5. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

6. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

7. Personal toiletries

8. Hand Sanitizer & face masks

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