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Lamadugh Trek, Manali

Lamadugh Trek – Imagine yourself sitting on top of a humongous rock which is half in the air and from where you can clearly spot the entire Manali town sitting quietly at the foothills of the mountains entangled with warped icy blue coloured Beas river. What a splendid scene it would be! That’s the kind of magic Lamadugh’s top gifts in your lap to witness and awe-inspire you. A chance to peek over the entire landscape of Manali, Hadimba temple and the Solang valley right in front of your eyes is nothing less than a bare glimpse of the heaven on earth.

Lamadugh trek which is one of the treks near Manali is more than a single day hike or a sheer chance to wander in the wild, it is a rare chance to lose yourself in the maze of enchanting pine and deodar trees, viridescent and vibrant large clearings of meadows, and a breath swaying views from the top. Though Manali is a very charming hamlet and full of crazy people for someone who is looking for a quiet place with a pinch of an adventure, Lamadugh stands out in all the ways.

It starts with a normal sporadic stony ascend but gradually turns into a very steep and slippery trail with only you and your pals in the entire route. Lamadugh trek is where almost in the entire journey it will be only you and your friends in the valley with lush green plants singing and dancing around you. It’s a place far-far away from anything like a bustling city across India.

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The Lamadugh trek route cuts through large forests and green lands with some rare sightings of birds and wildlife. For someone who wishes to pursue to get some astonishing pictures of rarest birds and hidden animals, Lamadugh is a must-go trek.

With just a few hours of the trek over the Lamadugh distance of 6 km one side, it offers you more than any weekend trek can. The weather during the expedition is very sporadic and unpredictable, depending on the time you are visiting, the atmosphere changes through myriad phases. If It has not already turned into Lamadugh snow trek, then in not so wild winters, the route sometimes gets extremely foggy with opaque clouds of mist floating through you or sometimes glares with sunny weather with a pleasant atmosphere.

Old Manali which is one of the most charming towns in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh is especially famous amongst the crazy community of backpackers and escapers. The Tibetan food in the local market, the thrill of paragliding and rafting, and the chance to visit Rohtang pass will stay etched forever in your heart in the name of Manali. Besides all of these things, don’t forget to visit Jogini falls and Hadimba temple amidst enjoying the chills of thick cold snow.

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Above all, Manali trekking is an amazing way to escape the bouncing crowd of the city and went out in solemn. Treks in Manali such as Lamadugh trek, Beas Kund trek, friendship peak trek and Hampta trek are few of those amazing treks which will take you through a road full of impulsive adventures, thrills and sceneries.

This is your time to convince your friends, pack your rucksack, and book your package with us and join us on an excursion to an adorable mountain.


  • Chance to witness a birds-eye of Manali and Beas river
  • Trek through a large clearing of viridescent meadows and oak forests
  • Spend your lovely afternoon in the middle of rarest birds and colourful wildlife.
  • Best trek for beginner’s, families and friends
  • An escape against the bustling crowd of Manali

Why Moustache?

Moustache believes in a vision of ‘Affordable travelling’ with maximum fun and adventure. We believe that travelling should not be common only amongst the high-end groups but with anyone and everyone. Therefore, our packages are weaved to be extremely affordable and accessible by all. In times of pandemic, moustache also offers a very flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy which almost none of the other companies provides.


Lama Dugh Day Hike:

Start Point: Moustache Manali

Start Time: 9 am

Altitude: 6,730 ft to 9,900 ft

Trek: 12 km (6 – 8 hrs)

  • You can choose to trek to Lamadugh any day while you are staying in Manali. After you have settled in Manali, let us know when would you want to take on the expedition.
  • On the day of the trek, our ground team guide will take a brief session with you explaining all the do a donts’ of the journey. He will convey all the necessary information which might be important to you. You must fill up all your bottles for the rest of the trek as you won’t have any point in between to refill the bottles.
  • The trek will initially start with a wider stony route through dense forests of oak and deodar trees, and then will turn into a very narrow and steep route.
  • The speciality of the Lamadugh trek is its route through large clearings of lush green meadows and knew high grasslands. Several times you will observe that you and your friends will be the only ones in the entire landscape with amazing beauty all around you.
  • Keeping trudging along, and you will find a large rock in between the route where you can rest for a while and even eat your meal. After you have rested well, start again and trek over the steep path. As you gain height, myriad peaks such as Indrasan, Deo Tibba and the Bara Shigri glacier will start opening up through the dense clouds.
  • Finally, after an exhausting trek of 6 km on narrow lanes, you will reach the top of Lamadugh. One of the two things which you find on the top is an ancient traditional abandoned temple sitting right there on the peak. It is also a place for all the trekkers to rest for a while and keep their belongings.
  • The other thing is the magnificent view which you will observe from the summit. The astounding dhauladhar range standing exactly in front of you and the beautiful clear skies will have you by awe. Apart all, the best thing will be the massive bird eye view of the Manali town. Enjoy your leisure time playing games, singing songs, writing poems, or sleeping under a clear sky.

After you have seeped in a sense of achievement and satisfaction, start trekking back. The trail is going to be the same. Try not making it very late as the moment night starts falling in, you will have troubles start creeping in. Rest, we will be there to look after your safety and take you back to the Moustache hostel.

Things To Carry

1. Windproof jacket of decent quality preferably with a hood

2. Scarf/muffler (optional)

3. Comfortable Hiking shoes

4. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri Bottles!!)

5. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

6. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

7. Personal toiletries

8. Hand Sanitizer

9. Extra face masks

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