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Kuari Pass Trek

Every Time Get a Taste of Adventure with Kauri Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek starts with a drive from the famous spot of Uttarakhand India, Rishikesh to Joshimath. Joshimath is the hub for travellers who are going to Auli. Joshimath offers a great view of the Himalayas, it gives a feeling of being surrounded by the mountains.

If you are one of those who have not done any trek in the past and who wish to view the magnificent Himalayas from very close, then Kuaripass Trek is for you. The Kuari in the local language means the doorway, it is one of the beautiful treks in the Himalayas and attracts beginners to have a taste of adventure.

The Kuari Pass Trek map, journeys from Rishikesh to Joshimath. The Kauri trek route passes through the 4 Prayags – Devprayag – which is a confluence of river Alaknanda and river Bhagirathi, Rudraprayag – which is a confluence of river Alaknanda and river Mandakini, Karanprayag – which is a confluence of river Alaknanda and river Pindar, Nandprayag – which is a confluence of river Alaknanda and river Nandakini. The Prayag basically means the confluence and they offer a magical view every time you visit the place.

The Near-Perfect Kuari Pass Trek Package

After reaching Joshimath on Day 1, enjoy your sunsets with hot meals served at the guest house. On Day 2 get ready for a drive to Dhak village from where you will start your trek by foot to Gulling Top, passing through the dense forest of Oak and Rhododendron with views of the Himalayas running along with you. The terrain changes from dense ancient forest to green meadows and that is very spectacular, indulging into the beauty of the meadows.

The Kuari pass altitude of approx 12,500 ft is not very tough for beginners. It’s on day 4, you will be conquering the Kuari Pass. The Kuari Pass Trek India itself is very majestic. As it stands tall with Kedarnath, Kedar Dome, Chaukhamba, Neel Kantha, Mukut Parvath, etc. Try capturing each and every moment of it, soaking in the natural splendor at Kuari pass trek height. Once done, head back to Tali campsite via Khulara and end your day with hot meals. The total Kuari Pass trek distance is around 15 kilometers.

Adventure-Packed Kauri Trek

The Tali campsite is another iconic campsite on the Kuari Pass Trek map. During the trek, you can enjoy the morning and evening sun rays playing with the mountains like Nanda Devi, Kalanka, Chang Bhang, Hathi Parvat, Gori Parvath, etc. Also, you can experience sub-zero camping at Tali campsite during winters which again turns into an adventure.

While heading back you trek down passing through the meadows of Gorson Bugyal which offers a lush green environment with surroundings of Oak trees. During winter, the Kuari Pass trek package is adorned with snow. During this time of the year, the entire Gorson Bugyal is covered under a thick sheet of snow. Many travellers around the globe visit this place in order to enjoy the skiing experience.

The Kuari pass location is truly magical and will never fail to impress and leaves a mark of magnificent Himalayas on your heart.

Summer v/s Winter Kuari Pass Trek

This trip will not only show you what’s a trekker’s paradise looks like. But, also take you through many major holy destinations of the country. The outstanding confluence of rivers will meet you along the way as you make your way through. The revered town of Joshimath will be your Launchpad for Kuari Pass Trek Uttarakhand. The Garhwal mountains profoundly stand as your companions along the way. What’s so special about the Kuari Pass itinerary, is its views. It’s a natural amphitheater to some of India’s tallest peaks. Nanda Devi peak, Trishul peak, Chaukhamba peak, etc are some of the examples of the magnificent peaks you see from Kuari Pass Trek height. 

When trekking here in autumn, the tree leaves will change their colors to a beautiful golden, giving the whole trek a mystical feel. Keep an eye out for the wildlife animals on the trail, you’ll find many. Leopards and Himalayan Black bears are some of the common sightings here. You can even trace their foot markings in the sand. Beautiful red rhododendrons can be found along the Kuari Pass Trek route, decorating the whole hike. So, wait no further and book your Kuari Winter Trek with MoustacheEscapes, today!

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