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Fishing In Goa

Make your trip extra special with a Fishing in Goa Tour.

Goa is recognised for its stunning coasts, party location and its appetising seafood cuisine. Do you know what makes the cuisine so delicious in the first place? Of Course, it’s those magical hands of the chef that prepare the delicacies. But, the chef couldn’t work their magic on any ordinary ingredient. Therefore, one more part that makes the delicious Konkan delicacies so popular is the wild and exotic fish. The Konkan coast of Goa is the most bountiful destination for fishing in South & North Goa.

Therefore, we bring you the amazing and offbeat Goa Fishing Trip & Tour. Make your beach vacation extraordinary and unforgettable with our fishing in Goa tour. Moreover, the activity can be enjoyed any time of the year barring the monsoon season. Though the best time for fishing in Goa is from early December to late April. The pleasant weather during the period make for an elevated fishing experience.

Enjoy your biggest catch at the best fishing Spots in Goa

One of the most memorable experiences in one’s life is catching your first fish. Why not make it more impressive and capture the biggest fish roaming in the sea? For that experience to become reality, one must be present in the right spot and at the right time. Fishing season in Goa is at its peak post-monsoon till summer. If you find the proper time, it’s time to claim the best Goa Fishing Spots around.

If you visit a beach in Goa, you can witness the local fisherman heading or returning from the ocean with their daily catch. This practice is prevalent on almost every beach in Goa, though there are some prime fishing spots too. One of those spots lies just behind Fort Aguada and Vagator beach. Fort Aguada is known for its big and bountiful fishing in Goa For Tourists. On the Moustache’s fishing in Goa trip, you will be taken to the fishing spot behind Fort Aguada. Lay your bait, and wait for the hook to catch the triple-pounder big fish one always dreams of.

Relive your Dil Chahta hai fantasies at Fort Aguada while also getting in on the action of hand-on rod fishing.

Enjoy the offbeat fishing trips in Goa

You must have explored the mainland attractions of Goa like the famous Fort Aguada, Baga beach and Arambol beach. Seldom, visitors explore the attractions of the sea in front of those beaches. And one of the best and most immersing ways to enjoy the seas is a fishing trip in North & South Goa. There are plenty of local and organized Goa fishing adventures offering these trips. But you never know what and where the best spots are and what you will catch on these trips.

Hence, the Moustache Fishing in Goa India trip takes you to the best fishing spots around. According to locals and fish enthusiasts, the area near Fort Aguada is ideal for fishing. The crab population is another advantage of the area. Do you want to add some delicious crabs to your fish dishes? Look no further, Moustache’s Fishing Trip is the best option.

Surf those refreshing fishing tides in Goa

The best part of the Fishing trip in Goa is the close proximity to the north Goa destinations like the famous Calangute, Baga and Arambol beaches. Moreover, the special geography of Fort Aguada beach invites vigorous tides for fishing in Goa. This makes the area extra suitable for Goa Fishing tours. Later on, if you fancy riding those tides, grab a paddle board from the shops around or a surfboard. Feel one with the ocean and ride the waves yourself.

Fishing places in Goa, are designed for maximum enjoyment

People familiar with fishing relate it to a great leisure activity. In western society, people go on a fishing trip to relax their mind and spend a gala time with friends. Fishing allows you to relax your nerves and enjoy the peace of the magnificent Goa fishing tourist place. Moreover, you get to experience the reward of catching a fish and later on enjoy that as a delicacy. Feel yourself all at the sea, floating peacefully while appreciating the vastness of the open seas. That could be you in a while, check out the best Goa fishing adventure tours to feel the ultimate sea leisure activity known to man. Furthermore, the best locations to visit fishing in Goa are also nearby the famous pickup point at Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Porvorim, Panjim, and Saligao.

What are the new fishing activities in Goa?

Fishing is a prevalent hobby in Goa and is complete with passion and adventure. The locals are the most prevalent in the fishing activity in Goa. There are a multitude of fish caught and the locals are tourists alike. Like the freshwater fish while river fishing in Goa or the saltwater fish on the sea fishing in Goa. People also like to enjoy their holidays catching an evening snack from the beach fishing in Goa. Expert fisherman and professional divers, along with sportsmen partake in the thrilling deep sea fishing in Goa. Also this is inland fishing in Goa in the canals, lakes and lagoons of the tropical wetland area. All in all there is so much fishing activity including the river, sea, Deep Sea, inland and beach fishing in Goa. So if this is making you excited, are you ready to dive into the fishing world with your first catch in Goa?

Itinerary for the Goa Fishing Trip & Tour

Timings: 6 AM to 8 AM in morning, 3 PM to 6 PM in evening

  • Report for your fishing trip in Goa at 5:30 AM & 2:30 AM respectively for morning and evening time slots. After completing some formalities, the trip begins at the pick up point.
  • From here onwards, the epic journey begins with a boat ride to the open seas near Fort Aguada. Anchor down at your fishing spot in Goa.
  • After safety guidelines and briefing about equipment, you will be handed your fishing rods.
  • To make the trip more memorable, you’ll be served two complementary beers while soaking up the sun.
  • Hook on and it’s time to reel in your catch. Sure you must have caught a big one. It’s time to capture the moment in your camera.
  • Later on, securing your catch, it’s time to head back to your drop off point. Enjoy your catch, sure it must feel more savory to catch your own fish.
  • Your Adventure boat ride in Goa concludes here.
Articles to bring on the Fishing in Goa
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Flip flops and swimming dress
  • Medicines and other prescriptions
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Cameras and Mobile phones (at your own risk)
  • Towel
  • Snacks or food items on your own discretion

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