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Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip in Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip In Goa – Goa – The king of magnificent beaches and crazy parties is a place which none of us can ever miss visiting. What have you done, if you haven’t been to Goa! It’s one of those towns which bewitches you for life and etches its memories deep in your heart. The liberating scooty drive on the roads, skin tanning on the sunkissed beaches, and the insane parties at night are a few of the things which make Goa the best place to plan your holidays.

But the palette of Goa doesn’t carry only these colors, but other vibrant colors of astonishing waterfalls, holy churches, and spectacular plantations. Moustache brings you a chance to witness the not so traversed side of Goa. The side which will further make you fall in love with the city.

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa which literally translates into ‘Sea of Milk’ is the highest and the in the best waterfalls in Goa. Amongst all the waterfalls near Goa, Dudhsagar simply out stands them all. Sitting at an astonishing height of 310 m (1017 ft.) it flows in multiple sparkling streams through several floors coming down and making a beautiful pond for the tourists to admire and bath in. The waterfall situated deep in the western forests is perfectly ideal for people who want to escape the buzzing of Goa and spend a quiet and peaceful afternoon.

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Guess what, if you have watched the famous ‘Chennai Express’ movie, then you know which waterfall we are talking about. The gorgeous multi-streamed waterfalls in Goa charms your soul and forces you to stay as long as possible. Though there is no particular best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfalls, but in monsoons, the beauty increases exponentially.

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Apart from the falls, we will also take you to a beautiful spice plantation. The incredible plantation will offer you a rare chance to witness the cultivation and all the processes involved in it. What’s more exciting is its exceptional landscape. The farm holds a large verdant clearing seeming more like a grassland from far.

This package offers you the adventure of a jeep safari experience, thrill of amazing waterfall sightseeing, and spices of a spice plantation. Isn’t it like an all in one package?

Dudhsagar waterfall trek requires you to take one whole day out of your Goa trip to explore it but trust us, it would be worth it. The trip starts from one of the designated pickup points. You can pick whichever one is closer to you. Witness the beauty of Dudhsagar from a distance, doesn’t It look like milk flowing from the top of a mountain? Well, now you know how it got its name. The water flows with such velocity that its water bubbles make it look almost white, just like a river of milk. Once you reach the waterfall, you will notice a serene pond being filled by the high falling water. Take a dip in it if you’d like, but make sure to remember to get an extra pair of clothes when planning to jump in a waterfall for your own comfort.

Next, we move on to an exciting section of your amazing day trip to the Dudhsagar falls. We’ll be going to explore some refreshing spice plantations where you can observe closely how spice plants are cultivated from seed to spice. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Authentic Indian spices are brewing in front of your very eyes. You must be familiar with these spices in your pantries, you might even be consuming them on a daily basis. Now you get to see them grow. On our way back, let’s explore a beautiful church as a sweet ending to the trip. Looks like a fun-filled pack right. Book your Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa.


Dudhsagar Waterfall & Spice Plantation Visit

Start/End Point: candolim, Calangute, baga, arpora, porvorim

Start/End Time: 7 am to 6 pm

Meal Included: Buffet lunch

  • For your convenience, we have got five different pickup locations to pick you up and transfer to the jeep point. Coordinate with our local guide and hop on the bus. You will be then transferred to the Dudhsagar jeep point.
  • Please note, at Dudhsagar in Goa, you have a small natural pond where you can enjoy bathing. If you have such plans, do not forget to keep an extra pair of clothes.
  • Interestingly, there is a point from where you will have about an hour jeep ride to reach the Dudhsagar waterfall entry gate. The jeep safari ride is exceedingly adventurous and takes you through dense forests and crosses over several streams.
  • We are pretty sure, you will thoroughly enjoy the jeep ride. Once you have reached the Dudhsagar lake, go explore the stunning hidden waterfall, and enjoy the peaceful landscape. You will have about 1.5 hours to yourself.
  • After you are through with the Dudhsagar water falls, ride back to the gathering point and then drive to the amazing spice plantation tour
  • The moment you enter the enthralling plantation field, you will be astonished to find such a gorgeous place nestled in the middle of this beach town. Have fun and get to know about the various process of the spice cultivation. 
  • Guess what, we also have got a perfect aesthetic lunch planned for you at the plantation itself. Eat everything with a special touch of fresh spices. If you want, you can also go for an elephant ride but with an added cost.
  • The last part of this tour is the local sightseeing and church visiting. Old Goa is also very famous for its exquisite churches and incredible architecture. This is your chance to explore the old Goa and relish it.
  • After you have had fun exploring the old Goa, we will drop you back at the pickup point. Here, our trip comes to an end. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us and giving us this great opportunity. We wish to see you soon!

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Things To Carry

1. Comfortable sports shoes

2. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3. Hand Sanitizer & extra face masks

4. Action camera (at your own risk)

5. 2 pair of clothes and towel

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