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Duchess Fall Trek, Pachmarhi

Duchess Fall Pachmarhi Trek – Let’s begin our trek from one of Madhya Pradesh’s favourite villages – Pachmahri. The place is full of picturesque ponds and rivers along which many exotic animals and birds live. A true heaven for nature explorers. We start our trek from a common meeting point. If you’re staying with us in our Gypsy camp, we’d arrange a transport for Rs.100 for a back and forth journey.

Our certified naturalist will brief us about the trail once we reach the starting point at shap 8AM.

We begin our journey through heavily forested areas of Pachmarhi. Notice the various trees and animals around you and be sure to ask your naturalist about them. They’ll definitely help you out. As you make your way align the trail, you’ll see small ponds along the way with unique rock formations like you’ve never seen before. Don’t get too tempted to swim in the pond just yet, we’re on our way to the Duchess falls. These falls have their own pool which you can gladly jump in. What a beautiful sight to eat lunch to, so open up your delicious packed lunch. Look at the waterfall merging gracefully with the small pond at the bottom. The journey has more exciting elements as you go along! You can explore medieval painting on rocks, made by the early humans. Now you realize exactly how diverse Pachmahri is!

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With refreshing juice in your belly, It’s time to head back to the starting point and end your day with the beautiful waterfall imprinted in your head.

Also See: Duchess Fall Trek, Pachmarhi


Duchess Falls Trek

Start/End Point: Pachmarhi

Start/End Time: 8 am to 5:30 pm

Trek: 10 km

  • Meet our representative at Pachmarhi and get briefed about the plan.
  • Start your guided trek with a naturalist, passing through small ponds and dense forest.
  • The final destination of the trek is the Dutches falls, you can also take a dip in the pond created by the stream or just sit near the pond and relax. Have your packed lunch.
  • Post lunch session, take a walk and observe the Medival rock and the paintings. You can take an extra hike of 4 km to highfun.
  • Post enjoying the dutches falls, head back to the start point and end this adventurous day hike(Also enjoy an inclusion of refreshing Juice).

Note – If you are staying at Moustache Gypsy Camps, can get transportation to and from Pachmarhi at an additional cost of INR 100/-

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable walking shoes

2. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3. Hand Sanitizer & Extra face masks

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