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Crocodile & Bird Watching in Goa

Explore the Crocodile spotting and Bird watching in Goa

We all may know Goa as a bustling tourist destination with great nightlife, Portuguese culture and grand Cathedrals. Well, Goa hides yet another side seldom explored. Moustache Escapes brings you the Goa Crocodile spotting & Bird watching Tour. Where you will experience the wild side of Goa in its full glory. The Birds of Goa and many migratory Bird species like the Black Kite, and the Paradise Flycatcher.

Moreover, the Crocodile Safari & Birds watching boat trip in Goa takes on a scenic journey of pristine backwaters and to the open seas. The specially curated Crocodile spotting and Bird watching in Goa, India is also a very good conservation effort to make Goa popular for wildlife tourism. For the nature lovers out there, taking the Bird watching & Crocodile trip in Goa is a rejuvenating experience while traveling to Goa.

What’s so special about Bird watching in Goa?

Moustache’s special Goa Bird Watching Tours include a 2-hour boat ride in Goa’s backwaters and in the open seas along the coasts as well. Bird-watching trips in Goa India is especially a unique affair because of the migratory Birds flocking to the relative warmth of Indian tropical coasts. The tropical rainforests and freshwater rivers of Goa are teeming with varied wildlife and more than 450 species of Birds.

The Goa Bird watching Tour Package takes you to such hotspots in and around the wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. The rare and hard-to-spot species like Sri Lankan frogmouths and crab plovers are any wildlife photographer’s delight. Bird watching tour in Goa India has been a popular pilgrimage destination for European Birdwatchers since the 1980s because of the wide variety and abundance of species found.

Crocodile trip & spotting in Goa

You will be delighted to know that the Crocodile Tour & Birds watching boat trip in Goa is also included with a Goa Crocodile Tour included. Find the Crocodiles lurking around in the muddy backwaters. And if you’re lucky, you can see one in action catching its prey, only on the Crocodile trip Goa. The Goa Crocodile spotting is a thrilling yet relaxing affair all at once, the relaxing trip to the Crocodile spotting builds up a nice tension for the thrill built up ahead. You may not get a sight of the Crocodile at Goa Beach, but you can surely book Moustache’s Crocodile spotting and Bird watching in Goa. Come experience the charm of Bird spotting with the Crocodile & Birds watching boat trip in Goa, and go home with some insta-worthy pictures and interesting stories to tell.

Itinerary for the Bird watching & Crocodile trip in Goa


Your Crocodile & Birds watching boat trip in Goa starts at 8 a.m. Make sure to reach on time to witness the full charm of your Bird watching in Goa.
After pick-up, you will be escorted to the ferry at one of the starting points mentioned above.
Buckle for a wonderful two hours’ boat ride through the backwaters and open seas of Goa.
You will be taken to the body of water teeming with beautiful migratory Birds and possibly the state bird of Goa, the Yellow-throated Bulbul.
While spotting the Birds, also keep an eye out for the huge Cumbarjua canal crocodiles.
Moreover, along the way, you will get to witness Goa’s indigenous communities and their lifestyle.
The cherry on the cake is the soft drinks and two pints of beer served on the trip itself.
You will also have numerous opportunities to take outstanding photographs.
After around two hours, we will return to the ferry terminal where you will be transferred to your pickup point by our representative.
Your Crocodile & Birds watching boat trip in Goa concludes here, now it’s time to post your adventures on social media.

Things to Carry on the Crocodile & Bird Watching Goa tour

  • Insect Repellent
  • Comfortable cotton clothing
  • Shorts and T-shirt
  • Special medicines
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Cameras and Mobile phones (at your own risk)

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