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Top 7 Travel Destinations That Cannot Be Justified In Pictures

If you love photography, then these places guarantee you with some of the most picturesque natural wonders in India. But this blog isn’t about photogenic locations across India. At times it happens when you take a trip to certain places and you encounter a geographic miracle that just makes you speechless with its beauty. And no matter how good of a photographer you are, that image is not even close to defining these beautiful nature places in India. Soo we will explore some Top Travel Destinations.

Take a look at a random Nubra Valley stop. You’ll know what we are talking about.

You might be wondering, such natural beauty of india only exists around Leh, Ladakh and Kashmir. But, you’ll be surprised to know that India is abundant with such iconic natural beauty, that’s hard to capture on your Smartest Android and i-Phone. Even the DSLR will disappoint you.

Hold your breath, as we take you on a visual trip to these top 7 travel destinations with immense beauty. So just sit back, relax and admire the beautiful nature in India with Moustache Escapes.

Nathang Valley, Sikkim

Nathang Valley (also spelt as Natang, Gnathong, Gnathang Valley) appears different as it changes its appearance with nathang valley weather. Golden in the autumns, covered in colorful flowers during monsoon and white washed with Snow in winters. With a Tibetan touch the Nathang Valley is also visited by migratory birds. That’s why it is said If you do not like Nathang Valley, you would not like paradise.

Best time to visit Nathang Valley: Early October.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

With a New Lake, and a New Meadow every day, the Kashmir Great Lake Trek is one trek in kashmir that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Especially if you are trekking as couples. With most romantic Blue Lakes and White Glacier Clads, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek map has the thrill of trekking through 4 Passes (in a single trip) and a short walk along the POK Border.

Best time to do kashmir great lakes trek: August.

Valley Of Flowers, Uttrakhand

Valley of flowers uttarakhand package, welcomes to the endless garden of flowers, hidden atop of the clouds. The valley of flowers trek best time depends on the season of blooming. The valley of flowers trek distance is known for its calming and most colorful view, when visited at the right time of the year. Being on the most romantic treks in India, the valley of flowers trek uttarakhand is equally popular for Hemkund Sahib.

Best time to visit the valley of Flowers: Mid July to Mid August.

Roopkund Trek, Uttrakhand

Beauty and mystery comes along with the roopkund trek distance. The roopkund trek height takes you to the only known skull lake of India. Besides, Roopkund lake trek is one of the most beautiful as well. Whether its lush Bugyals or the folktales behind those bones, both will leave you gasping at first glance. Being a moderately difficult trek, all you need to know is the roopkund trek best time.

Best time to visit the Roopkund height: June and September.

Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh

Beside the popular pangong lake, there are plenty of other lakes in Ladakh to visit atleast once in your life. Often called moriri lake, this snow fed lake is blessed with multi shades of blue color. Alongside offering a picturesque landscape that gives this place an extremely romantic and breathtaking feel. And with Moustache Escapes, all you need to take care of is soaking in the beauty instead wondering how to reach tso moriri lake. So it is also some of the Top Travel Destinations.

Best time to visit Tso Moriri: Mid January to Mid February.

Darma Valley, Uttarakhand

Besides its immense beauty, the trek to Darma Valley (or Darma Ganga Valley) is still not known by many. Thus, the entire Darma valley trek distance is excluded from the tourist crowd. All you will encounter is the undulating picturesque landscape, interspersed with verdant forests, sparkling streams, captivating waterfalls, magnificent alpine meadows which host colorful wildflowers. So it is also some of the Top Travel Destinations. Just take a look!

Best time to visit: June End & September.

Pin Bhaba Pass, Himachal Pradesh

With exceptional beauty, the trek to Pin Bhaba Pass surprises everyone once they reach the pass. It is then you can see Pin valley below, in various shades of pink, set amidst the stark and deserted mountains of Spiti. The lovely green Bhaba valley lies behind you. That’s when you realise how dramatic the landscape has changed. So it is also some of the Top Travel Destinations.

Best time to visit: June.

We know you find it surprising that you are still unaware of these iconic places of India but who to blame as they are still not known by more. But before we move to the end of his blog there is one honorable mention that can’t be left unmentioned.

Dzoku Valley, Nagaland.

The Dzüko Valley trek is well known for its natural environment, seasonal flowers and flora & fauna. The dzukou valley flowering season lasts throughout the year. You can see a wide range of flowers in every season, but the most famous one is the Dzüko Lily that is found only in this valley. The valley is easily visited as the imphal to dzukou valley distance takes only 3 hour with any mode of transport.

Best time to visit: Post Monsoon.

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