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An Offbeat Adventure in Ladakh

Top Adventure Sports Activities in Ladakh

What if you had the chance to walk through the ice sheets alongside an icy emerald green river? What will it be like to drink tea and eat Maggi at a near-freezing temperature? A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cradle a waterfall and feel its pointy tips. Here we will explore about Best Offbeat Adventure Sports Activities in Ladakh.

Also known as the Frozen River Trek, the Chadar Trek Ladakh is the gateway to an unconventional experience in Ladakh. In addition to that, it offers all those extreme winter Adventure Sports Activities in Ladakh, that you see in action movies. Wanna know what we are talking about, continue reading this blog about Chadar Frozen River Trek.

The first thing you need to do is to arrive in Leh, followed by an acclimatization period on the day of your arrival. And trust us, when we say the landscapes and the overall experience will leave their imprint on your hearts forever. Take a look-

Hiking over the Frozen Zanskar River

Even the mere idea of trekking over a frozen river brings chills to anyone’s spine. Besides, walking on an icy trail at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius makes it even more thrilling and adventurous activities in Ladakh. Ultimately makes you feel like taking baby steps.

Giant size frosted Nerak Waterfall

The iconic frozen waterfall is quite an attraction among hikers worldwide. This natural master is completely frozen from top to bottom and imitates a rock-solid ice castle. The hike to the waterfall is a little difficult to conquer, but worth making that effort. So this is the part of Top Bikes Adventure Activities in Ladakh.

Try your luck witnessing Snow Leopards

The terrain of Leh Ladakh Adventure is home to some unique and endangered species. Look for snow trails and footprints left by Foxes, Ibex, or Snow leopards, on the trek route. You never know, you might catch a glimpse of one of these beautiful beasts as well!

Explore the wonders at Leh-Ladakh

In the span of 8 Nights and 9 Days, the trek reaches an altitude of 11,123 ft. above sea level. Meanwhile, crossing some of the most fascinating wonders of earth. Including the confluence of Zanskar River and Indus River, Magnetic Hills, and plenty more. So Ladakh packages is also the part of Adventure Sports Activities in Ladakh.

Visit the famous Man-Made Ice Stupas

An innovative discovery by Sonam Wangchuk (aka Phunsukh Wangdu aka Rancho from the Bollywood hit 3 Idiots) to solve the water crisis in Ladakh is now a popular tourist spot. You can even witness the Ice Stupa-making competition, held every year in Leh.

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