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5 Cities That Prove Holi Festival in India Is More Than Just a Festival

Holi festival in India is among those celebrations that are widely popular in the United States, England and other parts of the world. But what does this festival of colours mean to the Indians themselves?

Here is this blog, we’ve covered the 5 best places for the Holi festival in India. Diving deep to discover that the Holi festival India is more than just about colours. It’s about celebrating togetherness by getting closer to your loved ones, rejoicing in the triumph of good over evil, and welcoming spring with multiple colours of humanity.

Starting with,

The Royal Jaipur Holi Festival

The Rajasthani capital is a great admirer of colours. During the Jaipur Holi Festival, the generous town pumps up its royal energies. A scene begins that features all Jaipuriyas on the streets smearing everyone in colours that dares to come in their way.

Like it or not, the Holi festival in Jaipur will turn you into its multi-coloured shades that you just can’t escape. After a day of Holi event in the city of colourful history and architecture, you can feel that Jaipur Holi party has finally turned you into its shade. The photogenic soul within you can tell.

Another popular Holi festival Jaipur is famous for is at the big Krishna temple in the heart of the city. Among all the famous Holi events in Jaipur 2024, Holi at Govind Dev Ji Temple will always stand out. A unique sight of Holi can be seen here, celebrated with flowers, essence and never-ending spiritual sessions of singing and dancing on the premises. If you like to add some Bhakti Rasa (spiritual tone), then this is the best places for Holi festival in India to check out in Jaipur.

A Hippiestan Holi at Pushkar Holi Festival

The junction point of east and west in Rajasthan, Holi festival in Pushkar is always a unique sight to catch. Buzzed with super-positive vibes, the city becomes an organism during the Holi event celebrations. Highlighted with loud crazy tunes of various local, Bollywood, and trance soundtracks; Holi festival Pushkar stays LIT all day, all night.

Holi events in Pushkar 2024 are best experienced on the streets. Witness every single soul dipped in colours, dancing, singing, cheering and celebrating the Holi party at its fullest. From streets to ghats, everywhere, everyone celebrates Pushkar Holi festival together, irrespective of their differences, welcoming spring with joy. It’s the best places for Holi festival in India to go gaga over ensured safety by the management.

Agra Holi Festival with Mathura & Vrindavan Holi

Feel blessed if you’re choosing this circuit for your holi event, as the Holi festival in Agra offers the best place for Holi festival in India. Sign up for the nation’s largest Holi festival celebrated at approximately 58 kilometers in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Holi festival Agra is about targeting loved ones with dry/wet colours, and water balloons; Holi is Vrindavan and Mathura displays a myriad of holi party celebrations that are unique and unheard of. Being the home of Lord Krishna, Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura witnesses Lathmar Holi which is played with sticks, Phoolon Wali Holi which is played with flowers, Mud Holi, which is played with muddy slush and the tradition-breaking Holi for the Widows.

Losing Heart at Delhi Holi Festival

When it comes to the Holi festival in Delhi, Dilliwale is a little more sensitive. Delhi Holi festival is a grand and unmissable event that comes with a modern twist to the traditional festival of colours. It’s the best places for Holi festival in India for all the conscious crowd. From organic colours to gluten-free gujjias, Holi events in Delhi 2024 have made sure to stand out in all terms.

Get ready to beat the summer, enjoying your Holi event with unlimited fun and unbeatable thrills by Moustache! The holi party hosted around Delhi has electrifying music, multiple drink choices, snacks and food of various flavors with floors full of rain, foam, and even a pool of colours. Delhi is available in a variety of price ranges to fit your budget aside from the Holi festival.

Goa Holi Festival by The Beach

Get ready to crash the beach at Goa Holi Festival. Book one of the Holi events in Goa 2024 has a bomb combination of colours, sand and the sea. Not just the Holi party but Goans are very serious about celebrating any event. Besides, the Holi event is just another reason for them to cherish the life that continues for a week-long (sometimes even longer).

Holi festival Goa is best enjoyed with locals rather than in any club. Just take a ride or drive to nearby villages. You will be bombarded with colours, that villages shower out of love. You are free to join them however, it will cost you a bottle of Feni (Local Beer) or its substitute. It’s the best place for Holi festival in India that comes with a sense of togetherness. After all, it’s also one of the colors of Holi! The evening is full of traditional music and people dancing around the beach bonfire.

So, We’re Saying …

India Holi festival 2024 is a much bigger deal, bigger than you would ever imagine. An extravaganza of colour, culture, and people that guarantees to amaze anyone who becomes a part of the India Holi festival of colours.