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10 Tips to Follow While Travelling Post – Covid

About 10 Tips to Follow While Travelling Post – Covid

COVID-19 and Travelling: With the rising case of Coronavirus in certain parts of India, there might be restrictions while traveling to few states of India. Whereas, certain regional level guidelines need to be followed while taking interstate traveling within the country. For further guidelines regarding international travellers, it is advised to follow the outlines as per the Indian Bureau Of Investigation available on its website. With proper medical screening and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, all the travellers are advised to provide contact details and download the Arogya Setu app for a safe trip. Here we weill explore about the Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Traveling used to be one of the crucial parts of our lifestyle. After a tedious schedule of our daily life, all one could wish for is a perfect escape into the mountains, nearby any river, resting on a flowerbed, or just sipping with the picturesque views. But we all agree on this, that traveling will never be the same since post-COVID. It might feel riskier to travel to a completely new place and we are surely hesitant to explore in this scenario. But worry not. With following travel tips from Moustache, you might feel safer to relive that adventure back like the olden times, but definitely with an additional set of travel precautions, than usual.

Like the lady on everyone’s cell phone talks about, “Do gaz doori, mask hai zaroori”, she reminds you to maintain social distance and cover your face with a mask all the time. As one of the primary COVID preventive measures, all you can do is constantly sanitizing while traveling outside and washing your hands for at least 2 mins with hand wash once getting back home. Be like Chintu, from the lifebuoy ad rather than hastily washing inappropriately. And, in case you find any difficulty in breathing or feeling feverish or coughing, immediately call the COVID helpline or rush to the nearest hospital.  

Regardless of all these basic preventive measures, Moustache brings you a list of 10 tips for all those who are traveling post covid. 

Update Your Inventory List

As a general rule, traveling comes with a general set of inventories, no matter if it’s a short break or a long holiday. Apart from all your must-have wearing for the destination you are visiting, save some space for extra pairs of masks, and hand sanitizers. It’s better to travel with an extra refill sanitizer bottle. As they are in constant use while you are traveling. Also, it’s better to opt for a hand sanitizer that could fit perfectly in your pocket and can come in useful whenever you need it. Save time from unpacking and making the effort of taking out the sanitizer. Wipes are the best option to clean the seat on the plane, train, or even in a cab. Also, a spray sanitizer is better than a gel one, but it’s all up to you. The final plan should be to maintain your COVID shield all the time while you’re traveling. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Look For A Window Seat

If you are traveling via flight, then it is advised to opt for a window seat rather than the middle or the aisle seat. The reason being, the person sitting on the window seat will have a much better social distance from the people wandering within the plane, than the one who is sitting in the middle or on the aisle seat. Thus will have a relatively lower chance of getting in contact with other passengers or crew. Similarly, if you are traveling to India on a train, it is better to take an upper berth than sitting with other passengers on the lower berths. Also, avoid traveling in a shared Uber or cab or prefer traveling with the least no. of passengers to maintain the notion of social distancing as much as you can. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Wipe It All Out

It’s always better to stay a bit extra cautionary while traveling post covid. A generous offering of a comfortable seat might carry the virus. And not a gesture of disrespect, but a gesture of self and others safety. You must wipe the seats, doorknobs, or any switch or buttons before touching them with your bare hands. Better to avoid touching random objects than spraying sanitizers all around. You don’t wanna end up smelling like an alcoholic in the middle of the day. Also, with a little amount of alcohol content, the sanitizers (both spray and gel) fall under the combustible category of object. Before spraying any random object, keep this in mind to prevent any serious or lethal mishaps. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Follow The Official Travel Advisory

Just like you make a weather check before any place you are about to visit, similarly it is best you take a look onto the government travel advisory of the place you are about to visit. Also, follow its advice, keep in constant touch with the central and regional authority guidelines while you are traveling in any certain location. Remember, even if your destination falls under the tag of, “safe to travel”, the traveling rules may change on very short notice, putting you and your safety at risk. Thus in many ways, it’s better to travel domestically rather than taking an overseas trip to a new destination, unaware of the surroundings. Eventually, it saves you from the risk and eventually saves your pocket from running out. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Plan Your Travel Itinerary Carefully

Now, when things are getting back to normal, you can say that things are carefully resuming back with way more precaution than ever. Since post covid, all the flights and traveling are getting back on track but that doesn’t mean you lower your guard and travel the same way you did before. Plan your travel itinerary carefully only after complete assurance of the current covid status in the region you are about to travel to. So, better not to add too much to your traveling cart, and choose your destinations wisely. Also, check for all the cancellations, bookings, and refund policies of the flights while you are traveling. It saves you from all the end-moment trouble caused by the flight authorities. Lastly, make sure you have a backup plan to keep you safe if things go wrong anytime. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Being Choosy = Being Arrogant SAFER

Since post covid, traveling to a new place comes with a whole new set of precautions. You need to be smart while traveling and stay a bit selective about choosing your stay or strolling your destinations. Make sure wherever you are making your stay follows all the norms for preventing covid, including proper sanitization, thermal checking, and social distancing (as much as they can) and with the mask on every time you make any social interactions. Either in a common area or visit any place outside. Also, it is due to this reason, it is better to make your booking at an entire house. Just like Vrbo or Airbnb. As a result, it reduces the worries about passing people in the lobby or stepping into a crowded elevator. Also, it’s smart to wear masks when indoors around one another. Just a step ahead to the safety of you and your family.

Mind Your Fingers

Apart from all the other safety measures, you carry while traveling. Travelers are advised to be smart and avoid touching surfaces carelessly. While your stay makes sure, every surface of contact is well sanitized and disinfected including the dishes and cutleries as well. Avoid leaning around to random surfaces and wipe the surface with sanitized napkins every time you are on the counter. The doorknobs, tap knobs, and even the switches should be taken care of. And, should disinfect your hand with the spray or gel once done using them. Avoid lift and prefer staircases. As it is less crowded and less likely to be infected than the elevator. So it is also one of Tips to Follow While Travelling Post Covid.

Befriend With The Smart Technologies

One thing we realized post covid, is that today’s technology can certainly be the crucial part for bringing or curating a safer reality. From entertaining millions at their houses to making several contactless transactions, smart technology has simply gained a perk in its importance. And if you are a traveler, they can play a crucial role in your trip to have a safer yet complete travel experience. Today, with several smart apps, all you need to do is just one tap or a click and you’ll get the list of safer stay options than probably looking for it manually on the streets. Take a COVID update right from where you are or even book your COVID checkups, all from your smartphones. And all you need to keep this new friend alive is to charge and have a data plan. So don’t forget to pack charges and fully charged power banks while traveling. And make sure to have a local SIM for better network connectivity.

Call The Helpline, If Feeling Sick

It is better to have a COVID checkup before traveling to someplace new. And since it has been made compulsory for international travelers in almost every part of the world, you should have a negative COVID report before making international travel. The rule might be similar for interstate traveling as well, depending upon the regional government. So stay in touch with the central and regional authority for constant COVID updates. In case if you are not feeling ok or feeling slightly feverish with symptoms of cough or having any other symptoms of COVID, immediately reach out to the nearest hospital or contact the COVID regional/central helpline number.


It is to be kept in mind that the traveling sector faced the major backlash of the pandemic and is still trying to recover post covid. Being the shared responsibility, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 if worked together responsibly. So, if a country welcomes you, the most basic thing you can do is to co-operate and follow the authority guidelines to prevent a new outbreak.

  • Wear a mask (preferably N95 masks) for all public and social activities.
  • For some regions with new variants of the virus, it is suggested to wear two masks ( a disposable mask topped with the cloth mask).
  • Avoid touching your face, and thoroughly wash your hands, every time you get back from outside.
  • Make sure to keep the social distancing of six feet every time. Avoid traveling in a closed or packed space.
  • Follow the local COVID regulations or at least know the status before your travel.
  • Just because the place is open, doesn’t guarantee the safety from COVID. Always travel with a handy sanitizer with yourself.
  • It’s best not to travel if you find any COVID-19 symptoms. Reducing the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Finally, no one knows how effective these COVID vaccines are? So, just because you are vaccinated you must continue wearing the mask and maintaining the social distance.

Concluding saying this, that the lifestyle post covid might seem slow but it has begun to move, once again. And, with a fresh ray of hope, we can resume our journey to the unexplored sites, once again. Keeping in mind to take necessary precautions regarding post covid traveling and preventing the further spread of the virus. Follow the guidelines, taking all the safety measures, and being a responsible traveler while supporting the local businesses at the same time.

So this is the complete blog about Travelling Post Covid of Moustache Escapes. We hope you’ll follow our guidelines throughout your travel itinerary. And, don’t forget to sanitize and disinfect yourself and your belongings once you get back home. With this, Moustache wishes you safety and a great travel experience.

Until then, keep reading, keep traveling.

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