You are currently viewing 10 Mountain Passes that are actually HIGHER than Khardung La

10 Mountain Passes that are actually HIGHER than Khardung La

About 10 Mountain Passes that are actually HIGHER than Khardung La

Are you up for an adrenaline rush? Moustache brings you the list of Mountain passes that are far higher than Guinness holder Khardung La. Now used by adrenaline junkies (mostly), these mountain passes once used to serve as a navigable route throughout history. Imagine traversing on those treacherous roads and near-death experiences with an everlasting thrill of getting lost into the clouds.

Does that Boost-UP your determination? Then tighten your seat belts, gear up your mountain bike coz we are heading onto some mountain action. Take a look at these 5 passes that are actually higher than khardungla pass, accompanied by some notable mentions.

3.. 2… 1 Let the ride begin!

1 Umling La or Umlingla | Max Altitude- 19,300 Ft.

The world’s highest road, the Umlingla pass or Umling La, connecting Chisumle and Demchok villages, opened in 2017. You will be driving through the Hanle Village to Photile Village via Photi La Pass. There is a shortcut via Ukdungle village but it’s a dirt track.

2 Road to Uturunchu | Max Altitude- 18,953 Ft.

Attracted by worldwide cyclists, the road to Uturunchu is the highest cyclable road in the world situated in Potosi, Bolivia. Let us be clear. The road is Only for experienced drivers as it is clear by the images why?

An upgrade of Ladakh and Spiti valley. Isn’t it?

3 Mana Pass or Dungri La | Max Altitude- 18,406 Ft.

Civilians, though native to India, with prior permits from the army can Travel up to India’s second-highest Motorable road and third highest motorable road in the world.

Dungri la pass is situated at the border between Tibet and India in the state of Uttarakhand and is Only Allowed on permit visits.

4 Marsimek La or Marsimik La | Max Altitude- 18,313 Ft.

En route Pobrang on the way to Pangong Tso, Ladakh via apparently believed to be the world’s second-highest motorable mountain pass, Marsimik La.

For starters, you might find getting a permit to Marsimek La is a lot easier than actually passing it. Just like Umling La or at Dungri La road.

5 Semo La | Max Altitude- 18,258 Ft.

Meet the highest pass in the world before Umling La, Marsimik La, and Dungri La. Semo La is located in central Tibet and has an elevation of 5,565 meters (18,258 feet).

6 Photi La | Max Altitude- 18,124 Ft.

One of the latest unknown entries into the world’s highest motorable passes or roads is Photi La pass, Ladakh. What makes this pass special is the amazingly beautiful Hanle that is present in the Changthang region of Ladakh further away from Tso Moriri lake.

7 Dongkha La or Donkia La | Max Altitude- 17,999 Ft.

On number seven, we have Dongkha La. Often called Donkia Pass, it is located in North Sikkim having Tso Lhamo Lake or Cholamu Lake (14th Highest lake in the world). Connecting Sikkim, India with Tibet.

8 Kaksang La | Max Altitude- 17,841 Ft.

Lies in the Changthang region, Kaksang La comes on the route from Mahe to Nama – Chusul – Pangong Tso. Comes prior to Hora La Pass as you start ascending from Mahe ahead of Chumathang near Tso Moriri.

9 Suge La | Max Altitude- 17,815 Ft.

Located at a distance of about 110 km from Lhasa, Suge La lies in the Nyenchen Dangla Mountains. Get an amazing view of Chomo Gangtse mountain (7048 meters) from one of the highest passes in Khardung La.

10 Chang La | Max Altitude- 17,586 Ft.

Did you miss changla pass?

Surprisingly, Chang La is higher than Khardung La. A drive through this beautiful pass gives you a glimpse of majestic Pangong Tso (Pangong Lake) in Ladakh, India. All you need to wait till May – June when the Manali – Leh Highway or Srinagar – Leh Highway opens.

Last but not the least, the world’s highest motorable pass.

Finally, the doubts are clear and you now know who’s the Real Boss of Highest Pass in the world. It’s definitely Not the khardungla top. The khardungla pass height was in myth to be the highest in the world which was mainly due to the variant reading on SRTM and GPS navigation system. Which makes the Guiness Book champion with recorded khardungla height JUST 17,582 ft. from the sea level.

Khardung la ladakh is one of the most visited and most photographed passes in the world. And why not with one of the highest passes in the world, khardung la pass altitude. The khardung la road connects the town of Leh to Nubra Valley and Siachen Base Camp, with leh to khardungla just an hour ride away from each other. The best season to visit this highest mountain pass in the world is May-September.

We hope you have a great adventure riding through our list of Top 5 passes in the world higher than Khardung La. But make sure of the safety kit along with all necessary permits and documentation, before heading to these Mountain passes.

You have been WARNED!

You’ll definitely be needing some off-road skills, with an SUV or a motorbike. As the road is filled with challenges so don’t forget your passerby. As trucks can show you the way and locals can feed and teach you some surviving skills.

And smartness lies in riding with a medical kit. Just in case you feel like throwing up in excitement. Which you definitely will, These vomiting and other high-altitude sickness-related pills work best. And definitely carry your trusty toolbox and some parts because the rock-strewn passes will wreak havoc on your car’s unprotected underbelly.

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