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A Story of Two Haunted Towns – Bhangarh and Kuldhara

About A Story of Two Haunted Towns – Bhangarh and Kuldhara

Legends and folklores are by far the most amazing thing about childhood, we have all gone through that phase of ‘one more tale before I go to sleep’ in our lives. And the best part, whether good or bad the story may be, we believed in its credence. Here we will explore about Haunted Towns like Bhangarh and Kuldhara.

As part of growing in Rajasthan, I always was fond of forts and camels and colorful attires but what secretly amused me was the history. An ardent fan of facts, the magnificent stories of valor and victories of the rulers of our state never failed to captivate me. And cut short to wherever I go today, I do my homework of gulping the stories and Wikipedia facts about the place and then the first question that I probably ask to anyone I meet there is “Is this true that..”?

A similar fame for their miraculous history has been garnered by Bhangarh and Kuldhara, the two Haunted towns known for the mischievous and incredibly terrifying paranormal activities that take place here. My visit to both of these was a seesaw journey wherein I expected to introduce myself to these supernatural friends but sadly couldn’t find one. Nevertheless, the fun factor should always stay, and thus, here I share the stories of these two towns in Rajasthan.


Bhangarh, located about 90 KMS north-east of the capital city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, is a town so terribly infamous for the mysterious deaths that took place here in the past that The Government of India officially declared it as a paranormal zone with restricted entry after the sun sets and before sun rise. There have been instances of humans going inside the fort of Bhangarh in the night and never returning back. Locals, have even claimed to have heard loud screams at night coming from the galleries of the fort. So it is also one of Haunted Towns.

And if that didn’t send a chill down your spine, maybe the bats that have hid themselves in these awfully stinking cell-like rooms will play the charm for you. Yieks.

Legends have it that Bhangarh once was a prosperous kingdom built by Madho Singh. About 10000 people lived in the premises of the kingdom and everything thrived well until one day, a curse came out from a sage’s mouth that led to the utter downfall of Bhangarh soon. The reason why the magician cursed the kingdom are many but what seems (stress on seems) to be the most legit reasons to me, is the one in which the magician, who was a lover of princess Ratnavati, was killed under a boulder unintendedly. The magician before dying cursed the town of complete destruction and within flashes of a short span, the Mughals invaded the town, leaving nothing behind except for ruins. Nothing!

Ever since, the spirits are said to be wandering in the fort, and continue haunting you.

It is a great experience to visit this suspicious town though, courtesy the superb views of the journey, assuming you take the other way round and don’t go for the plain highway journey. Afterall, a road trip on a motorbike is the exact kind of positivity you need on a vacay!!


Kuldhara shares a similar state with Bhangarh considering the multiple legends associated to it. This town, 18 KMS southwest of Jaisalmer is famous for its bewilderness and paranormal activities. The completely isolated town is said to be home to spirits whose shadows and presence can be felt and has been felt by many. According to the legend, the paliwals who inhabited this village back in the 13th century most probably abandoned the village because of the water shortage in the region, however another probable reason could be the never ending atrocities of the local ruler, Salim Singh, whom they rightly referred to as Zalim Singh.

These paliwals cursed the village before abandoning it. The curse was such that, no one ever in future shall be capable of inhabiting this village. Even today, the place is nothing but ruins of a few homes, temples and crematories. Having an experience of visiting this place on a moonlit spooky night, I would say the adventure and thrill was worth the effort and time though the shadows refused to come in front of us. So it is also one of Haunted Towns.

Go pack your bags now, and maybe raise the gears of an open jeep to reach this awesomely spooky village on a blue moon night in the desert. Literally, the best thrill that even thousand horror movies refute delivering.
Both these places, with their unique stories are a must visit for every one who seeks adventure, thrill and memories in a trip.

So this is the blog about Haunted Towns of Moustache Escapes. Both these locations are day tripping destination from Jaipur and Jaisalmer cities. Book your stay at Moustache if you plan to come soon and make your stay even more exciting. P.S. We give secret day tripping ideas, come over to know more. See you soon!