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Crafted in Comfort, Hostel Facilities of Moustache Agra is a Sanctum for Writers & Artists

About Crafted in Comfort, Hostel Facilities of Moustache Agra is a Sanctum for Writers & Artists

Among those looking for places to visit in Agra, artists number the most. The City of Love is well-known for its picturesque monuments, especially the Taj Mahal. Out of the golden triangle of tourism that consists of Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi, Agra is the least bustling and hence the best fit for artists. Here we will explore Moustache Agra’s Hostel Facilities for Writers & Artists.

Moustache Agra is well-located to take advantage of all that Agra has to offer. It’s only ten minutes away from the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal so visits are easy and hassle-free. As a bonus, the close proximity means that the Taj Mahal is visible from the building making for a beautiful sight. The Agra Fort is also pretty close to Moustache at about 6 km, which is an easy 15-minute drive. Sikandra is a bit further away at around 19 km, but well worth it for the ornate architecture that you get to see. Moustache is also close to lots of local eateries and street shops to explore and draw cultural context from. Inspiration seekers have a wide variety of historical, cultural, and locally vibrant sights to visit for the experience of a lifetime.

The location isn’t all that’s appealing about Moustache, however. There are many reasons why it’s called a sanctum, which we’ve detailed for you below. Go on, then. Read on.

Calling all writers to the rooftop

We all have times when we hit a block in our creative journey. At those times, it feels like no amount of staring at the laptop screen or notebook page helps. That’s where the Moustache Agra rooftop comes in. It’s got a gorgeous view of the Taj Mahal and its surrounding gardens. It’s somewhere that you can breathe in the open air and take a minute to relax before going back to your work. Or, if you want, you could watch the world go by as inspiration to pen down something new.

The rooftop café serves fresh tea, coffee, and local snacks to fuel you as you whip up a new idea. Plus, the sunrise view of the Taj Mahal looking pink in the dawn is a must see. So along with writers, the Moustache Agra rooftop is perfect for photographers looking to take advantage of the golden hour. So this is also one of Moustache Agra’s Hostel Facilities for Writers & Artists.

Speaking of photography…

Moustache Agra is a photographer’s paradise. Not only is it very close to eye-catching landmarks, it’s also no slouch with its own decor. Just about every nook and cranny of this hostel in Agra is a sight to see through the lens of a camera.

The entire hostel is done up in the style of the Mughal era. The numerous curved archways make great natural frames for vertical shots. The patterned cushions on low divans dominate the common areas of the building and bring a pop of colour into it. The indoor sections have warmer lighting to add to the earthy vibe of the place. That’s excellent for candid pictures and other practice shots.

The real kicker is a hallway of stained-glass mirrors that is just begging to be captured creatively. Try out various colours or monochrome, angled shots of the whole hallway or a crop of just one mirror, a group of people or none at all. The possibilities are endless. But the hotel decor is appealing to another type of artist: visual artists. So this is also one of Moustache Agra’s Hostel Facilities for Writers & Artists.

Sketch your way through Moustache

The best thing about Moustache is that there is art everywhere. Not just in Moustache Agra — throughout Moustache hostels in the country, artists leave their marks on the walls. One of the most popular is the mural of flowers painted around the TV in the common room of Moustache Agra, and it is just one of many such works of art throughout the building. For visual artists looking to sketch or paint something creative, the very walls are an endless source of inspiration.

A huge amount of art, visual or otherwise, is drawn from nature. While the Taj Mahal has some excellent lawns and Agra as a whole has a lot of flora as well, sometimes it’s easier to just find a place on the property. And what place is better than the garden out front? Breathe in the open air, pull out your notebook, and create. Alternatively, just lie among the grass and take in the beauty of the world, relishing in a break from the rat race.

One for the performers

Got a story to tell? It doesn’t matter if it’s through speech, music, dance, or something else altogether. Make your story known.

One of the common areas of Moustache Agra has amphitheatre-style seating perfect for small performances. Also used for events such as open mic stand up comedy nights, this area is the best spot to try showing off your work to a low-pressure and easygoing audience. It’s got cosy lighting and a comforting vibe, but the room is colourful enough that your (and everyone else’s) energy will stay high. Lots of musicians like to pull out their guitars here in the evenings for impromptu jam sessions.

A place for all artists

Whatever your style of creativity is, you are likely to find your space here at Moustache Agra. The private rooms have luxurious balconies with jaw-dropping views at which to stop and think. You could tickle your creative bones or ponder about the deep questions, or anything else. If you’re more of an active person, the new age dormitories are fully equipped with all the amenities that you’ll need while traversing the country. Plus, you can find your kind of people to vibe with at the dorms. Who knows, maybe the real art is the friends you make along the way.

So we’ve laid it all out for you. Whether you’re a writer or poet, or an artist in any practice, Moustache Agra is one place where you’ll find your inspiration. Stop waiting for the right moment to come to you! Reach out and grab the opportunity. Book your stay at Moustache Agra now.

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