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Lakes to Visit in Ladakh other than Pangong

Apart from Pangong Lake, know about the best 10 lakes in Ladakh

The image of the beautiful blue waters reflecting the intensity of the bright heavens set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and broad plains is truly breathtaking. The lakes in Ladakh will never cease to astound you with their delicate simplicity and unassuming beauty, no matter how many times you see them.

There is no answer to the question about the number of lakes in Ladakh. Because no one knows exactly how many lakes Ladakh has. Apart from the well-known Pangong and Tso Moriri, there are numerous other lakes that have yet to be given a name. Some of them have yet to be investigated and documented.

Why are Ladakh’s lakes so significant?

A body of deep blue water set against the barren brown of Ladakh’s hills, with the white of snow on the peaks and clouds floating by, with a few ducks swimming in, makes for a photographer’s dream. This is why, in recent years, the lake has become the very symbol of Ladakh.

To be honest, it’s not only the lake, but the entire landscape.

There are many other beautiful lakes in Ladakh, and visiting them will allow you to get away from the crowds while still taking in the breathtaking environment. Ladakh is India’s second-largest district in terms of land area, so you can imagine how extensive the list of lakes would be if they were all documented.

10 Lesser-Known Lakes in Ladakh

They might not be popular, but will surely throw its cham on you!

There are dozens of lakes in Ladakh, the most well-known of which are the Pangong and Moriri lakes, which attract crowds of tourists every summer season. While visiting these well-known lakes is a must in Ladakh, you should not limit your lake trips to them.

Take a look at the top 10 lakes in ladakh that are worth a visit during your Leh- Ladakh trip.

1. Tso Moriri

Tsomoriri Lake, at an elevation of 15,075 feet, was designated as a Wetland of International Importance in 2003. The beauty of this location is enhanced by the variety of bird species that may be found here.

Moore Plains and Changthang Valley are the two main routes to this location. Moriri lake is the largest lake in the Ladakh region, and is situated at a 9 hrs driveway from pangong to tso moriri.

Best time to visit– May to August including early September

2. Tso Kar

Tso Kar Lake, connected by a tiny creek, is a magnificent work of nature. Tsokar is essentially a double lake, with the western portion being saline and the eastern portion being fresh water. Because of its originality and fantastic concept, this tsokar lake in the Ladakh region attracts a big number of visitors each year.

Best time to visit– May to August

3. Nyak Tso

Nyak Tso is a stunning and appealing lake. It can be found in Tibet, China. This lake is just 30 kilometres from Rudog, one of Ladakh’s closest cities. It is the nicest lake for travellers to visit during their trip to Ladakh by bike. This lake is bordered by another lake known as Rum Tso.

Best time to visit– May to October

4. Yarab Tso

Yarab Tso Lake, located 15 kilometres from the Nubra Valley, is a beautiful lake in the Ladakh region. This location of yarab tso is revered as a spiritual site, and the lake’s crystal blue water reflects the arid surroundings wonderfully.

Best time to visit– June to September

5. Mirpal Tso

The greatest words to characterise Mirpal Tso Lake in the Leh Ladakh region are tranquilly and seclusion. This lake has a sandy bottom and fresh water at its southern edge. It is adjacent to a town called Chusul. The winds flowing in this area will undoubtedly enchant you.

Best time to visit– May- September

6. Stat Tso & Lang Tso

Lang Tso and Stat Tso are twin lakes in the Leh Ladakh Region, located at the highest point in the Zanskar range. The neighbouring snow-capped hillocks provide a breathtaking perspective of the lakes.

The scenic splendour and stunning terrain are the features of this area, which is known as one of Leh’s most renowned lakes.

Best time to visit– June to September

7. Kiagar tso

Kiagar Tso is a remarkable site in the Changthang plateau in Leh area, located on the path to Tso Moriri Lake. The area is surrounded by Ladakh’s nomadic tribes and a variety of trekking halts. The Chang Pass residences are also located near this landmark, making this location a great draw.

Best time to visit– April to August

8. Chagar Tso

On the way to Pangong Lake, you’ll pass through Chagar Tso, another spectacular natural wonder. A large variety of migratory birds may be seen at this location, making it a paradise for bird watchers. This lake is well-known for its magnificence, attractiveness, and pleasant energy.

Best time to visit– June to September

9. Kyun Tso ( Kyon Tso) & Ryul Tso

These two lakes are known as the twin lakes in the magnificent Leh Ladakh location. The vivid blue surface of this lake shimmers when the sun rays fall on it at an elevation of 5000 metres above sea level. It depicts a truly unusual image of nature that is really relaxing.

Best time to visit– May to August

10. Yaye Tso

Yaye Tso, a heart-shaped volcanic lake at an altitude of 4988 metres, may be found about 20 kilometres along the route Mahe – Hora La – Kaksang La – Chusul. This heart shaped lake is every bit as fascinating as it sounds. You can drive down to the lake from the Hora la pass, which is easily visible.

You may visit a Yaye village nearby, as well as a monastery/nunnery. Quicksand is present in the lake, so be cautious! The route from Mahe to Hora La Pass is in good condition, and no permit is required to travel up to Hora La.

There are numerous shortcuts along the route, but I recommend avoiding them because they can cause car difficulties. You can trek a short distance from Nurpa La or Thato La, which comes before Hora La, to get a good view of the lake.

There are plenty of other beautiful lakes across the area, and visiting them allows you to take in the breathtaking landscape without the stress of crowds. The adventure that these Ladakh lakes provide makes every time spent in their vicinity an unforgettable experience, and the shooting chances you have will satisfy your spirit.

While these lakes can be explored on their own and one day at a time, they can also be explored as part of a Ladakh lake trip. This adventure will take you from one lake to the next over the course of a week to ten days. This type of hike in Ladakh not only allows you to see many lakes, but it also introduces you to the rest of the region’s stunning sights.

Whatever way you choose to appreciate the lakes in Ladakh, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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