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Searching for Cafe in Sikkim? Explore 10 Best Cafés In Sikkim You Must Try

About Searching for Cafe in Sikkim? Explore 10 Best Cafés In Sikkim You Must Try

If we talk about sikkim, the area is framed by snowy mountains and rolling green hills, and the eclectic tribal culture adds a unique personality to it. The Northeastern states of India are a treasure trove of undiscovered magnificence, and the world is only now discovering its rugged beauty. With plenty of places to visit in sikkim, you can soak up the sikkim culture and the hospitality of sikkim people over a cup of coffee and a plateful of delicious food during your sikkim tourism. So if you are searching for cafe in sikkim then this blog is for you.

The hills of North East and West Bengal, long known for their teas, are now embracing coffee. Themed ambiance, savory desserts, and frothy coffee lightened with milk round out the experience. These coffee shops are more than just a place to get a cup of coffee. They are quickly becoming a popular hangout spot as well as a popular tourist activity in Sikkim.

With so many different cafes, here is a list of the 10 most beautiful and well-known cafes in Sikkim. Relax for hours and indulge your inner foodie like never before. Take a look.


Baker’s Café, located in Gangtok and offering the best scenic view of the Valley and Kanchenjunga Peak. Well-known for its excellent tea, coffee, and Italian cuisine. Because of the overall qualities of the location, food, and beverages, it is considered one of the most visited and popular places in Sikkim. It is a lively place where people can enjoy their coffee while gazing out the window at the magnificent Kanchenjunga Peak and listening to some soulful and soothing music. It is the ideal location to unwind after a long day.

Speciality: Italian | Fast food | Café
Instagram: @bakerscafeindia


Dylan’s Café is the first Bob Dylan tribute café in North East India. A perfect location in the music-obsessed town of Shillong, also known as India’s rock music capital. While the walls are covered in vinyl records and posters of the musician, the décor is dotted with quirky Dylan-themed cushions and artwork to add to the café’s relaxed vibe. Occasionally, a customized pair of Dylan shoes will be available for purchase at the café. The Dylan’s Cafe menu is just like Dylan’s music, hearty and comforting. Favorites include all-day breakfast, succulent burgers and steaks, and decadent desserts. Including Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options. So it is also a leading Cafe in Sikkim.

Speciality: Asian | European | American
Instagram: @dylanscafe


Are you a fan of flavorful Cheesecakes or anything that looks and tastes similar? Then welcome to the land of decadent desserts. This quaint little cafe is well-known for its decadent blueberry cheesecake and chocolate truffle with vanilla gelato. Every dessert or dish on the menu here is meticulously prepared and only raises the bar when it is served on a platter. With the addition of the elegant vintage theme, Loafing Around becomes a place that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Speciality: Bakery | Café | Dessert | European
Instagram: @loafingaroundgangtok


If you enjoy automobiles, this cafe is a must-visit for all car and bike enthusiasts. It’s a sight to see a Royal Enfield hanging proudly in the middle of the room, alongside a few license plates hanging from the ceiling. But wait, there’s more! The entire wall is covered in a mural depicting a Bedford Bus, a Willys Jeep, a black and yellow Ambassador taxi, and a Royal Enfield motorcycle, with a few framed vintage photographs of local automobiles on the other side. It’s no surprise that many bikers will stop by. So it is also a leading Cafe in Sikkim.

Speciality: American | European | Café
Instagram: @ml05cafe


This amazing café is one-of-a-kind and is regarded as the best place to hang out with your friends. People come here to drink tea or coffee and eat a variety of delectable dishes. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available at café live & loud. This café also has an in-house pub and bar that serves great after-hours drinks to its customers, and people enjoy the café’s live music and light show. The vibe, service, and atmosphere are all amazing, making it a hotspot for young people and a great place to party with your friends while enjoying strong drinks and loud music.

Speciality: Chinese | Indian | Asian | Café | Bar | Pub
Instagram: @cafeliveloud_sikkim


Look no further than Jungle Café in Gangtok for mouthwatering Sikkimese delicacies. It is located in Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, and has a good design and state-of-the-art architecture to notice. With the atmosphere created inside a jungle with animal models and a decent play area for the kids, parents can watch while sipping on their choice of drinks available at the cafe. The majority of the cuisines served here are made with fresh local ingredients and organic produce. Something that Sikkim is well-known for. This cafe is also well-known for its freshly baked pastries, cakes, and desserts, which are absolutely delectable and a must-try. So it is also a leading Cafe in Sikkim.

Speciality: Local Sikkimese Food
Instagram: @mayfairresorts


Dharma Coffee House and Library is a charming café nestled within the scenic geography of sikkim, described by the landscape of Tawang Valley. The coffee shop is a popular gangtok tourist places with a great atmosphere. Located away from the busy roads, and most importantly, serves some of the best food in Tawang. In addition to serving piping hot coffee, the establishment allows you to browse books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist scholars. It’s an ideal place to find peace and quiet while immersing yourself in spirituality.

Speciality: Coffee Shop | Fast Food | Dessert
Instagram: N/A


Another charming place to visit in gangtok sikkim is this modern cafe. This neighborhood restaurant serves contemporary dishes that are reminiscent of classic regional flavors. The majority of their dishes feature fresh, sustainable ingredients. This tastefully contemporary cafe, hidden behind the traditional facade of a former monastery dormitory and displaying guidebooks, bonsai firs, and Le Creuset cups, serves barista coffees with peanut butter cheesecake or excellent hot apple pie. Caramelized BBQ ribs, pulled pork burgers, and homemade sausage-and-salsa are among the dishes on the restaurant section’s short menu of well-made, Western-style dishes. Something you can’t afford to pass up during gangtok tourism!

Speciality: Gluten Free Meals | Sunday Special Bhutanese Lunch Buffet
Instagram: @caferoyalegtk


While the décor at Timber is simple, the food is anything but. A popular places to see in sikkim, Tiber is ideal for hungry souls, with towering double-layered burgers and a bowl of spicy noodles. Every other day, they have Timber SPECIAL’s as well as some special menus. You should be in the woods if you want to put your palate to the test. From Pad Thai to Tacos, everything is reasonably priced, and there’s a balcony if you want to light up a cigarette to go with your coffee. The menu’s seafood selections, which include a variety of baby octopus and squid dishes, are the most popular. So it is also a leading Cafe in Sikkim.

Speciality: Bistro | Cafe | Asian | Seafood
Instagram: @timbercafeimphal


If you’re looking for the best cafe in gangtok, you should definitely check out the Local Cafe. A local favorite, the Local Cafe is one of the popular places to visit in gangtok. Located in the heart of Sikkim and is known for its delicious tea, coffee, and a variety of mouthwatering cakes. With so many vegan options, it is one of the few cafes that offer a completely vegetarian environment. It serves a variety of dishes, beverages, and other food items, but one should not leave Sikkim without paying a visit. Aside from good food, you’re sure to have a good time here. Every night, local bands perform here, so you can jam to the music. The ambiance is upbeat, served with warm and delectable food. and don’t forget to try delicious cakes and Sikkim tea.

Speciality: Cakes | Tibetan | Italian | LIVE Local Band’s Music
Instagram: @thelocalcafegangtok

No matter how many restaurants you visit in the Northeast, nothing beats the charm of a cafe. The hip vibes, lively interiors, and enticing food options all contribute to why they are popular hangout spots today. Even the cafes in Gangtok are not behind when it comes to offering a heartwarming experience of gangtok sikkim to the locals and tourists alike. They have a friendly demeanor and will make you some of the best memories while you’re there. So, if you’re planning a trip to Northeast India soon, set aside some time to spend your evenings at these popular cafes across Sikkim.

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