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Your Backpacking Essentials in a Nutshell

Backpacking Essentials – It is always a tiresome task to pack your backpacks and probably one that is the most underestimated one. It though is immensely important to do before heading out on your expedition. And it’s essential that you do it like a pro to avoid any regrets of leaving behind important stuff.

Here’s a special list curated for the sake of guiding you to make better use of space and time and include them in your next expedition to make things easier:

A box of matches:

This always comes in handy, whether you need to make a fire for yourself in a cold desert or making yourself some food by the river.

Swiss Knife:

There is nothing better than a swiss knife, it protects you, works as a bottle opener and can literally be a good company in the kitchen.

Chargers and Batteries:

You surely don’t wanna go out of power in a solitary land, of course not. Carry power banks and chargers for you know you need them always. So it is also one of the best Backpacking Essentials.


Toothbrush, hand wash, toilet papers, tissues, microfibre towels, soaps etc. all of it, but travel-sized.

Plastic Wrap:

You cannot predict it always when it might be rainy, but what you can always do is protect yourself from getting wet.

Appropriate Footwear:

Travel involves walking and a lot of it. It is hell important for you to choose the most comfortable footwear according to the terrain and season.

Basic First Aid:

And just like anything, your body might not behave the way you wish it to or if you accidentally hurt yourself, it would be good if you carry paracetamols, band aids and basic medicines.


I never miss on these. If you are traveling, please have a pair of these to look dapper while protecting yourself from direct sun rays.

Ziplock and Daypack:

You obviously would not wish to carry the humongous backpack for day trips across the town, and it is essential to keep in hand the ultra essentials, pouches and daypack come to your rescue. (P.S. it also is super essential cause you should not be littering around.)

So this was the blog about Backpacking Essentials of Moustache Escapes. Take notes, these items might come handy and be of great importance on your next backpacking expedition to wherever you wish to. And for everything you miss out, we will guide your way at here at Moustache.