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10 Movies to inspire Travel with your Siblings

About 10 Movies to inspire Travel with your Siblings

Why not make this Rakshabandhan memorable with some Siblings Travel Plans? With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, celebrate the love between siblings while travelling to the most picturesque destinations around the globe. Strengthen your bond, while exploring scenic locations and seeking thrilling experiences. So here we will explore Movies to inspire travel.

However, there are many who’d just want to spend this national siblings day as an opportunity to sleep/rest all day. For them, we bring you a list of 10 Movies that’ll inspire you to take a trip with your sibling this Rakshabandhan. Afterall, why waste your long weekend on a couch, when you can plan a Rakhi special gift curating siblings trip to make them feel SPECIAL this year.

Dil Dhadakne Do

The movie, which takes place on a cruise ship, explores the tie and love between a brother and sister. After watching Dil Dhadakne Do, one thing is sure. You might want to embark on the next available cruise with your sibling! Have some fun sailing over international waters. You might not find enticing Rakhi offers for your sibling cruise trip. But we bet you’ll discover some unseen side of your brother-sister.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Although the movie revolves around Bunny, Naina, and some really heart touching quotes; we just can’t ignore the presence of Aditi and Avi, and their sweet and sour bond with Bunny aka Kabir. A perfect example of ‘Bonds Above Blood’, that must be celebrated this Rakshabandhan with a trek in Manali and having a Mountain Maggi. And, if you are an exception and skip the mountain, the movie also suggests Udaipur Tour watching sunset. So it is also one of the best movies to inspire travel.

Dear Zindagi

Experience the love between Kiddo and Kiara on Kaira’s voyage of self-discovery and reconnection with her family. Seeing how Kiara’s Brother stands up for her sister’s choice to follow her passion will leave you in tears. If your siblings are like Kiddo, they surely deserve a trip to Goa. We vouch for them, Kyunki Banta Hai Yaar! So, head straight to Goa’s Hidden beaches, sipping at laid back cafes with the best siblings in the world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Missing your sibling while working away? If so, then you’ll definitely relate to Walter Mitty, who leads a monotonous life imagining romantic and exciting events. Walter Mitty embarks on an extremely romantic and exciting voyage to perform his last duty to his company. The movie shows that your siblings and family still care for you and are rooting for your success no matter how far away you are. Sounds like a perfect time to plan a trip this Rakhi! So it is also one of the best movies to inspire travel.

Little Women

Though the Little Women is a tale of four sisters, it is a perfect fit for Rakhshabandhan. Why? Kyunki, sabke paas bhai/behen nai hote Laxman. Anyways, we believe siblings meaning may differ from person to person, ultimately celebrating the love and bond among each other. The movie shows how you have to go through some adventures on your own, but your siblings will always have your back. This perfect “Sisters before Misters” will fill you up with Nostalgia. Feel like calling your sister, yet?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Has it been that long since you took a trip with your brother from another mother? ZNMD is a similar story where three friends go on vacation to Spain as a part of a pact made during their college days. Though it’s difficult to go skydiving in Spain, why not experience the World’s second highest Paraglidng, in Bir? Sounds like an adventure. Well, it sure is. Might not like running ahead of crazy bulls, but sure the thrill is way ‘higher” than that.

The Darjeeling Limited

Following their father’s death, three brothers go on a train journey throughout India in an attempt to rekindle their lost link. Their travel experiences have compelled them to introspect and mend their relationships. Get to know your sibling by planning your own trip to Jodhpur. For more, Rakshabandhan offers you a great chance to share your secrets with your sibling at Sandakphu trek in the famous Darjeeling Hills, travelling on a land rover from WW-II.


If you need to feel encouraged to take a trekking trip? You may want to watch WILD where Cheryl Strayed, a recently single lady, chooses to go on a new adventure by trekking from Mexico to Canada. A similar experience is the joy of slow travel, traversing with the 2,500 kilometres journey of Ganga. Starting from Gaumukh till Sundarban, Bay of Bengal. The tough and arduous journey will need constant words of encouragement, that your sibling can provide travelling alongside.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, better known as Che, decides to take a Motorcycle trip across South America with his friend Alberto Granado. His journey-related experiences completely transform his opinions. So will these Bike Trip across the treacherous and some of the most pleasant rides across India. Plan one with your sibling, trying the famous Manali to Leh Bike trip, or Riders In The Wild, Madhya Pradesh; making memories for a lifetime. So it is also one of the best movies to inspire travel.

The Kings of Summer

It’s a story of three friends Joe, Patrick, and Biaggio, who decide to abandon their unstable families, and make their own clan to camp in the woods. This coming-of-age film will make you laugh, cry and make you hug your siblings, and just spend special time this festive season. Why not be the Kings of Winter with your sibling to some remote Himalayan Treks of India; having a moment of bonding and self-discovery both.

We bet you’ve got your day planned well this Rakhi, but siblings travel plan can make a lot of difference. Because, you just don’t travel together, you bond together.

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