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Top 10 Iconic Indian Locations featured in Bollywood

About Top 10 Iconic Indian Locations featured in Bollywood

Whether it’s a motion picture or just a photoshoot, a beautiful backdrop is one of the necessities of any perfectly framed shot. And talking about the scenic backdrop, one cannot leave the room mentioning the iconic Bollywood song in the mesmerizing mountain views in the background. Looks like a lifelong relationship between these two; the cinematography and the stunning locations are a well-known part of Hindi cinemas. Whether it’s a Yashraj film or a basic travel show, the filmmakers go to great lengths to get the best shot possible. The Indian film industry is perhaps one of the most successful ways to encourage tourism in even our country’s most remote and offbeat locations. So here we will explore about Bollywood Locations.

The influence of such scenic movies is so strong that, once appeared as an ordinary spot, it quickly becomes a popular tourist destination soon after its debut in these Bollywood films. India, with a large number of beautiful locations, has given us some of the most iconic locations through these feature films. Many are for the couple then there are countless spots for family and friends. And by the time, these movies evolve, movie tourism also catered to a wide range of solo destinations. With a list of popular movie destinations, Moustache came up with a list of iconic destinations featured in Bollywood movies since the country has seen color for the first time.

Here are some of India’s most famous Bollywood filming locations.

1- Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Many filmmakers want to use this location in their films. Films such as “Jab we met” and “Highway” were filmed here. Rohtang Pass, with its majestic Himalayan peaks, snow, and scenic views, is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. A small stretch of road is encircled by several feet of snow. It is the most sought-after road trip destination. It’s heavenly as well as thrilling. The months of May to October are perfect for visiting this spot. 

2- Chapora fort and Aguada fort, Goa

The film “Dil Chahta Hai,” in which all three actors went on a road trip to Goa to enjoy life and celebrate friendship, sparked a passion for Goa. There is no turning back towards some other destination after that. It has also appeared in films such as Dhoom, Golmaal, and Rangeela. You can still get together with your friends and with Moustache Coworker Hostel in Goa, you can work while chilling comfortably near a pool. The land of the sun, sands, and sea is all about letting go and enjoying life to the fullest. Visit the beaches of Goa like famous Chapora beach, Aguada beach and other beaches away from the visitor’s crowd. Experience Goa with Moustache’s Goa Trip Packages. Experience the natural beauty of Goa with Crocodile Bird Watching Goa, or discover its underwater beauty with Goa Scuba Combo. Experience Fishing in Goa or take a break from the tourist crowd with Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip in Goa. Apart from these, you can also explore the other parts of Goa with Goa Combo (Malvan), North Goa Tour, and South Goa Tour. So this is also one of Bollywood locations which has featured.

3- Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Lake, which has appeared in films such as 3 idiots, Lakshya, and Tashan, is one of the most sought-after Bollywood locations in the world. Leh is just a five-hour drive away from this lake. The best time to visit this lake is from May to September. The best time to see the stunning frozen view is from November to January. This location is nothing short of heavenly, with mountains, aquamarine water, and a mesmerizing backdrop. Apart from this, experience the beauty of Ladakh with Ladakh tourism exploring the beauty of the Nubra Valley with Ladakh trip. Also, read about Manali to Leh Road Trip and Leh to Leh Bike Trip.

4- Dal Lake, Kashmir

The beauty of the Kashmir valley is incomplete without its lakes. And talking about the lakes of Kashmir, Dal is first to come into everyone’s mind. Whether it is a vintage classic or any modern Bollywood movie, you will get a long list of picturesque shots from these movies. Being an urban lake, Dal Lake is an integral part of Kashmir tourism, entitled with different titles such as the “Lake of Flowers”, “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “Srinagar’s Jewel”. As an important source for fishing and water plant harvesting, the lake is encompassed by a boulevard lined with Mughal era gardens, parks, houseboats, and hotels. And, have you heard of the floating garden? The floating lake locally termed “Rad”, blossoms with lotus flowers during July and August. With the mesmerizing beauty of its serene lake, enjoy a boathouse stay with Moustache and discover the beauty of Kashmir. Also, read Kashmir Great lake Trip and the Mesmerizing tour of Kashmir. So this is also one of Bollywood locations which has featured.

5- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali has been beautifully depicted in films such as Roja and “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani.” This place is a must-see for romantic couples because of the snow-capped mountains, rough terrains, and beautiful weather. Hadimba Temple, which is dedicated to Bhima’s wife, is one of the top-notch locations featured during filming in Manali. Aside from the scenic views, visitors will participate in adventurous activities such as trekking, paragliding, and other similar activities. Make your stay at Moustache Manali with one of the most picturesque views, visible from all the corners of the property. With the Moustache Manali Trip Package, discover the places to visit in manali. Take a look at Moustache’s Manali Weekend Trip, Manali to Leh Road Trip, and Paragliding in Manali trip.

6- Gulmarg, Kashmir

Aap ki Kasam, Bobby, Yeh jawani hai deewani, Highway, Haider, Jab we met, and Rockstar are just a few of the films that have lavishly featured the beauty of Gulmarg. Kashmir and Bollywood have a long and symbiotic relationship. Gulmarg’s beauty has been used in a variety of ways, from Shammi Kapoor dancing on the Shikara to Ranbir Kapoor romancing in the snow. It’s a common spot for newlywed couples to spend quality time together. Also, read about the Kashmir Great lake Trip and the Mesmerizing tour of Kashmir. So this has also one of Bollywood locations which has featured

7- Udaipur palace, Rajasthan

In any case, any Bollywood film with royalty must have this palace. The Udaipur palace has been seen in all of its glory and elegance, whether in Ram Leela or the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The months of September to March are perfect for visiting this place. Aside from the magnificent palace, there are several other historical sites to visit in this area. While you’re here, don’t forget to try some authentic Rajasthani cuisine. For a comfortable stay during your journey, you can always book your stay with Moustache Udaipur. Offering the best views of the lake and the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views. With a list of activities with Moustache such as Kumbhalgarh Day Trip, Udaipur City Walking Tour, Sunrise to Sunset in Udaipur, or experience Camping in Udaipur you will unfold every aspect of Udaipur.

8- Banaras Ghats, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi, also known as Banaras, is one of the country’s oldest cities and has been featured in numerous Bollywood films. The ancient and majestic temples, the rich heritage, the immaculate ghats, and the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti make it an ideal location for a traditional Bollywood film. Benaras ghats have been beautifully depicted in films such as Raanjhana and Masaan. With your Moustache Varanasi stay, the best time to visit Varanasi is from November to February. Ideal for exploring the essence of spirituality from this place. So this has also one of Bollywood locations which has featured.

9- Munnar, Kerala

Have you seen the lovely tea gardens in the Hollywood film “Life of Pi” or the breathtaking backdrops in Bollywood films such as “Chennai Express” and “Nishabd”? All of these films were shot in God’s own country, Kerala, specifically Munnar. The tea garden looks like something out of a fairy tale, complete with mountains and beautiful weather. It’s stunning. Also, while rowing in Kerala’s serene backwaters, enjoy Kayaking in Kerala under the guidance of experienced instructors. So this has also one of Bollywood locations which has featured.

10- Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

For Bollywood filmmakers, Kolkata has always been a top destination. The Howrah Bridge is one of the most popular locations among places to visit in kolkata. Kolkata tourism is best for photography. One of the most famous scenes in many movies has always been having it as a backdrop or driving through it. The Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Rabindranath Tagore’s Mansion, Durga Puja, and other beautiful places in Kolkata are worth visiting. Barfi, Vicky Donor, Kahani, and other films filmed in Kolkata are notable examples. Kolkata tourism is a dream come true for couples who want to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure while eating delectable cuisine and visiting iconic locations. Don’t forget to witness 4 out of the 5 highest peaks in the world with Moustache’s Sandakphu Trek or with Sandakphu Land Rover trip, experience touring on a vintage land rover model from World War II.

There are many travel destinations that Bollywood has influenced, ranging from snow capped mountains to bizarre beaches. Promoting each other in a mutually beneficial manner. And, with India serving as a hub for a variety of travel destinations and staycations, it’s no surprise that Indian consumers’ desire to travel has risen. Furthermore, with 21 extended weekends available this calendar year, 66% of Indian travelers are opting for multiple micro-cations (a leisure trip lasting less than five nights), a strong departure from a single long annual holiday. Also, don’t forget to book hotels along the way for a stress-free and comfortable ride. With Moustache hostel stays, you can enjoy the a comfortable home stay experience at an affordable price, just one click away

So this was the complete blog about Bollywood Locations of Moustache Escapes. We hope with our list of top 10 iconic destinations, we have covered every ideal spot featured in Bollywood. Still, looking for your favorite movie destination? Feel free to share the destinations, we might feature them in our next blog.

Until then, keep reading, keep traveling.

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