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The Future of Travel P-I: Experiential Tourism

About The Future of Travel P-I: Experiential Tourism

Future of Travel – As per our former tourism minister, Meenakshi Sharma- Experiential tourism is the next step towards travelling post-pandemic.

After being cooped up in the houses for so long, the feeling of reconnecting with nature and experiencing adventurous getaways has once again started calling the traveller out. This time a closer and more stimulating experience, which is where Experiential Tourism introduces itself.

According to experts, it will reshape the future of travel industry, giving people a more exclusive and immersive experience. Which is why, you need to check Moustache Escapes, a well-known name for experience based tourism and their new-age travel packages that cater to a livelier and more authentic experience.

Take a look at some of its adventurous, original, and first-of-its-kind travel experiences:

Head Out For An Offbeat Jungle Adventure

Ever wondered, what it’s like sleeping on a floating tent above a water stream? Or, watching the jungle world feet above the ground and hidden in trees? With Moustache’s Hang-in The Nature, you can now have the access to experience wilderness in an offbeat style. Introducing a one of its kind camping adventure with tree tents aka Hammock Tents, making its featurette for the first time in Central India.

What’s in it for you?

Now, enjoy a rejuvenation in nature lying comfortably in your hanging tent. In addition to this, you can enjoy riverside barbeque, campfire, dinner, and a lot more in the uncharted corners of Satpura National Park- home to more than 130 Species of plants including various species of birds and animals. And, don’t worry about your camp as we provide the highest quality and safety standards.

A Camping Safari Up Above The Wheels

Riverside Bonfire, mouth-watering barbeque, night jungle safari in a tiger reserve, and gazing at the Milky Way in the middle of nowhere. A set of experiences that already makes this package unique among other nature camping trips. However, we want you to sum it all up in an adjustable campsite over a jeep/gypsy! Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Well, it is. So this is also the part of future of travel.

What’s in it for you?

Moustache’s Night on Wheels is one exclusive experience that caters car camping with a rooftop tent. A wholesome experience of Pachmarhi adventure camp where you sleep to the lullaby of jungle and wake up to the chirping of exotic birds. Probably one of the must-do things to do in Pachmarhi or in Madhya Pradesh. The activities here are endless, including riverside camping in jungle, jungle stay at gypsy tent, a nature walk, exotic bird watching and much more. Truly an immersive experience in the beautiful Satpura Tiger Reserve.

En-route Sandakphu on a WW-II Land Rover

For those who are hearing about Sandakphu for the first time, it’s the highest point of West Bengal. It is known to give you a glimpse of 4 out of 5 world’s highest mountain peaks, including the titan Mt. Everest. We’re sure you didn’t know that. But wait, the best part is yet to come… on the Land Rover from World War- II.

What’s in it for you?

Once used as armoured vehicles, land rover in Sandakphu are the war memorials of the great WW-II and are the only few left in the world. Resting, but not retired from their duty. Duty to transport, as the Sandakphu land rover is strong enough to be trusted to take people to such heights. This is another reason why we prefer to explore Sandakphu in Land Rover. A ride on these magnificent beasts is no less than an honour and a must-do thing while exploring West Bengal and North-East India.

Reconnecting with nature, and challenging your inner adrenaline junkie, right at the heart of the national park.

A Romantic Getaway, Far, Far Away…

Imagine you and your beloved, enjoying some #UsTime in a Tiger Reserve. Didn’t think of it? Well, we did! In a busy lifestyle like we have nowadays, it is easier for us to say ‘Yes’ to make a presentation in the middle of the night; than spending some time together in peace. With that thought we have curated a romantic getaway in the jungle, far away from chaotic city.

What’s in it for you?

No matter, if you are a honeymooner, freshly engaged, or just marking your anniversary, this weekend trip is a perfect answer to all those who are looking for a lovely time together while camping in Pachmarhi. It’s a well-balanced notion of Pachmarhi hill station, with river side camping and wholesome jungle adventure. With complete privacy and exclusivity, Pachmarhi honeymoon package offers all love-birds a romantic couple camping experience, in the heart of lush nature.

Uncovering The Unexplored Pachmarhi

Did you know, the lush & rich biodiversity of Satpura serves the same purpose as any other Himalayan hill station? The best part is you won’t find any kind of tourist crowd here and the landscape is still yet to be discovered by many. This makes it a perfect getaway in peace and refreshing nature.

What’s in it for you?

With waterfalls hidden in the deep ravines, terrains that are equally counter to unexplored Himalayas, streams flowing out of dark, silent caves, and a seemingly endless territory ruled by the wild nature. Panarpani retreat in Satpura Ranges is dedicated to nature lovers, couples with or without kids, adventure seekers and anyone who wants to try something different than usual. Including trekking, wall climbing, safari, canoeing, nature walk and a lot more.

The next chapter of travel & adventure

Experiential kind of tourism is not just about travelling. It’s about connecting with the roots, not as a tourist, but as a local to that particular destination. Join Moustache Escapes to move out of the traditional way of travelling and upgrade to a unique and authentic method of understanding our world.

So this is the complete blog about Future of Travel of Moustache Escapes. We aim at re-defining the future of travel and tourism, by offering a new breed of experiences everyday and everywhere. And have a long list of such experiential travel, tour, trip that includes several ‘First-Ever’ treks, activities, events; aligned for the next 5 years. Visit our website to learn more about us and get a unique experience like never before. Also, make sure to hit the follow button on social media to stay updated about our latest launch, deals, and offers.