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How to Travel With Your Buddies – How to celebrate friendship day

About How to Travel With Your Buddies – How to celebrate friendship day

Although we should rejoice in the bond with our friends every day, Friendship day makes it more special. How about wishing happy friendship day, planning a trip together? Sounds cliche, yet the best way to celebrate and deepen your bond. Here we will explore about How to celebrate friendship day with your buddies.

Travelling itself is a thrilling experience but travelling with friends can elevate the experience and solidify your bond even more. Travelling with friends gives you memories for a lifetime, but “Friendcations” as it’s called, can turn out to be a bummer.

This year, friendship day date is falling on 7th August and that’s on Sunday. Perfect to plan your friendcation. Which is why we present this guide to make your Friendcation a smooth and memorable one.

Choose your partner wisely

Well said by Izaak Walton, that became one of our favorite friendship day quotes, “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”. Some friends are amazing storytellers, some can always make you laugh and some friends you can just talk with, for whole nights. Keep some points in mind like:

  • Do you know your friend well?
  • Do you like to spend a long time in different settings?
  • Do you have similar interests/ What are your goals for the trip?

Make sure you vibe together before planning a trip together! If you have someone in mind, that is great, but no travel companion is perfect. You have to bring your patience, flexibility, and a spirit of comradeship while travelling with your partner(s). So it is one of the points about How to celebrate friendship day.

In the meantime, why not call your friends and wish them Happy Friendship Day?

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Set clear expectations

Partying on the beaches of Goa or trekking in the Himalayas, make sure that your partners have the same expectations from the trip. While some people can be early risers, others can be night owls; some may enjoy walking, and taking public transport and some can’t imagine travelling without a personal vehicle. So it is also one of the points about How to celebrate friendship day.

While someone may be looking to spend time in clubs and explore the music festival scene of the place, others may look for exploring the inner streets and underground cafes. Make sure to tell your expectations from the trip in the planning stages to avoid conflict.

Setting clear expectations beforehand can save you trouble later on. One shortcut is to book travel with a set itinerary: a guided tour will eliminate some decision-making on how you want to spend your precious travel time.

Communication is the key

As in any relationship, friends ought to have clear communication. Sort the issues when it starts, do not wait for the right time. Be respectful and open, it’s better to have an awkward conversation than a fiery argument. That’s the great thing about friends, they understand us. Set your responsibilities for example, on a road trip, one can drive while others can take charge of the playlist and snacks. Pay attention to the mood and be attentive to each other’s needs. So it is also one of the points about How to celebrate friendship day.

Travelling itself is an intense experience, spending prolonged time with someone can heighten the tensions. Therefore planning, patience, and communication make for smooth sailing.

Take a break

The best way to travel in groups is to harmoniously part ways for a while. Not everything has to be a group activity. Too much time spent together can put a strain on the group dynamics.

Moreover, time spent away from the party will allow you to pursue an activity and give you a chance to explore. For someone introverted, alone time can give them the necessary time to recharge their batteries and bring fresh energy to the group.

It really is a win-win and you’ll get to swap great stories after the reunion. Plus, if you feel it’s an experience the rest of the group should definitely experience, discuss it and lead the way.

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Be Present

Travelling with friends is an amazing gift. It’s important to relish every experience when you are with your friends. Being mindful of your social media or smartphone usage will make for a more meaningful trip. So it is also one of the points about How to celebrate friendship day.

It’s good to click photos and save those memories, and find a balance between the time spent behind the screen and off-screen. You will always cherish the deep meaningful experiences shared with your friends.

Money Matters

Last but not least, it’s best to agree on a budget during the planning phase. While one person may want to spend on luxury hotels whereas you may want to spend on experiences. It may be a deal breaker but it’s better to disagree before than to spoil relationships.

In most cases, money can become the root of conflict, so once again always keep #1, #2, and #3 pointers in mind while travelling with friends.

Furthermore, you can use apps like Splitwise to track expenses. Book your itinerary and stay on platforms offering bulk discounts. Plan your trip during off-seasons to avoid the rush and find good deals.

Get out of the comfort Zone

A good friend should push you out of your comfort zone. That being said, bring your flexibility and patience. you may not get to check off everything on your bucket list but neither will your friends. It’s okay to compromise on some things but keep #2 points in your mind.

Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone. If you trust your travel buddy, go for that difficult hike or try that new cuisine, your life may never be the same again.

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Till then, we wish all our readers, happy friendship day bestie. Keep reading and keep travelling.