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A Fable from Childhood from a Blue City Jodhpur

Good old summers were the best days of our lives and take me at my word here, every millennial will be by my side. Holidays are by far the prettiest thing about childhood, the days when all you need to care about is to learn new tricks, roll on ice creams and explore corners of your place, where no one could find you. Here we will also explore about blue city jodhpur.

We know how it all goes, and the case with me was no different. In this strange transit between two towns, both artistically famous for their colors- my summers revolved around a pink town and a blue one. In the midst of the whistle, brake and hisses of the train journey, what went on to become the most interesting part of the journey were more snacks than one could imagine and comic stories that literally made all the sense in those days. What’s interesting is that once you got down on the destination, there seemed to be a newness, at the moment, it felt like the beginning of something which you have been eagerly waiting for. And it seems obvious now, because of all the fights we had, all the laughs we made and the food we ate together in a plate, are actually memories that shall never go too fade.

Blue City Jodhpur – the blue city is a connection I have with even before I existed. My second home, here live my maternal grandparents. Streets filled with sandstone homes and “The Fort”, (as we called it back then), that stands with its unimaginable and intangible pride amidst the chaos of the old town, the one that has blue houses all around it. Posing adjacent to the humongous canons and carefully letting ourselves be amazed by the excellent talent of the folk singers who positioned themselves evidently on the fort’s most significant areas are one of the fanciest fun things along with a million more that we did.

The days are hot, and summers in Blue City Jodhpur were truly not possible to be borne without sticks of ice-cream and mugs of tangs, and so we pretty much summed up our ludo and carrom sessions with them in the noons, though, every time we craved for some extravagant and authentic snacks, our expedition was to the ‘giant circle’, which people usually also refer to as the Shastri Circle, wherein we tired ourselves by running past swings and slides and later tasted literally every possible flavor present there.

Gully cricket and badminton used to be our workout regime for the nights and it was quite a funny affair to see some of us miserably failing at the routine exercise. Each morning, to get up, was an untidy tussle between us and the mattresses, the latter unwilling to let go of me; though somehow, we managed.

Occasionally we went out to swim, in the waters of Masuria hill, wherein we didn’t find it gross to swim amongst fellow tadpoles, courtesy the waters are holy.

I have always had it in me this wondrous attraction towards history and so it is quite an easy conjecture that some mornings were even spent at the Umaid Bhawan museum, another favorite of mine, it is a regally built monument and has lush greenery engulfing it, which even today succeeds to make you go weak down in the knees. Me sharing my experiences and connection with this city is an attempt to revert back some, of all the love that I have received from this town till now and always.

So this was the complete blog about Blue City Jodhpur of Moustache Escapes. The phenomenon here is simple: a town with peace and poise; a town that has residents with a humble tone and a culture soaked over in a pool of legacies is what makes it a sure to go destination and even if you do not have a huge family here in Jodhpur, there are thick chances that you are gifted with a thousand opportunities to befriend and build your own family here in Moustache at Jodhpur. Come here for an exploration stay for the relations. Make every moment count.