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7 Best Workation Destinations In India!

About 7 Best Workation Destinations In India!

Working while on vacation stirs numerous wish lists of imaginations. Working while relaxing on the beach or sipping a hot cup of coffee while taking in the spectacular views of the mountain peaks has become the new code for secure work life. So here we will explore about best Workation Destinations in india.

Workation has become a buzzword to satiate the nomad mentality. It’s the ideal getaway for remote professionals and freelancers who want to collaborate in a serene environment without breaking the bank.

If your job does not need you to work in a cubicle, then you must treat yourself with a workation getaway. Take a look at our curated list of India’s top 7 workation locations, where you can both work and relax.

1) Rajasthan

Imagine workation in Jaipur in front of Hawa Mahal or workation in Jaisalmer with the famous Golden Palace as your zoom meeting backdrop. Or, you might even switch it with the picturesque lakes of the lake city for your workation in Udaipur. And don’t forget to enjoy workation in Pushkar, which goes brilliantly with the artistic walls of Moustache Pushkar. No matter in which part of Rajasthan you are doing your workation, it will always make you feel awesome.

Major attractions:

Jaisalmer Desert Safari, Sunrise & Sunset at Udaipur, Bahubali Hill Tour, Pushkar Sunset Tour, Private Hot Air Balloon Trip

2) Goa

If you think that the party capital of India has nothing to do with workation, then you might need to think twice. As Moustache Goa Cowork is exclusively designed for workation in Goa. Because why compromise between work and all the beach fun, party night, and thrill watersports, when you can have them both. Make sure to visit Moustache Goa Luxuria, if you like working in peaceful lush nature. The perfect stop to enjoy grand and élite style stay in Goa and workation both. So it is also one of the best Workation Destinations in india.

Major attractions:

Dudhsagar waterfall Trip, South Goa Tour, North Goa Tour, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Bird Watching

3) Himachal Pradesh

Workation in Himachal opens up your door to the mountains and with Moustache, it gets even better. Take a break from the bustling city visiting quaint villages while workation in Manali, or explore the Bir sky with workation in Bir. An excellent balance of fun, adventure, and work. And for those who love cozy working space, try workation in Kaza or workation in Mcleodganj and let your colleague guess your location in every online meet. Skip ‘next time’, and visit mountains today.

Major attractions:

Spiti Jeep Safari, Kasol-Tosh-Kheerganga Trip, Paragliding in Bir, Cafes, Local Markets, Monasteries

4) Uttarakhand

Devbhumi is known for its Hindu pilgrimage site Rishikesh. Crossed by the great Himalayas and sacred Ganga, workation in Rishikesh is a divine and rare balance of work and mental peace. Enhance this experience working by the open pool, lush views, savory multicuisines, and amazing hostel vibe at Moustache Rishikesh. Truly a unique combination! In addition to that, get a perfect opportunity to hike numerous exciting treks in the Himalayas apart from workation in Uttarakhand. So it is also one of the best Workation Destinations in india.

Major attractions:

Hidden Waterfalls, Hippie Cafes, Bungee Jumping, River Rafting, Flying Fox in Rishikesh

5) Uttar Pradesh

Home to two holy rivers of India- Ganga, and Yamuna, the state is the prime hub for both spiritual and art lovers. We are talking of Varanasi, the oldest city in the world, and Agra, the home of the Taj. Two of the best options to enjoy workation with Moustache. Where workation in Agra makes you fall in love with the Mughal art and architecture, workation in Varanasi will cleanse your mind and soul while working at the same time. A great option to revive, rejuvenate and recreate.

Major attractions:

Ganga Aarti, Dev Deepawali, Kashi Vishwanath, Sarnath Trip, Taj Mahal, Tomb of Akbar

6) Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to ‘Hindustan Ka Dil’! With multiple historic sites and amazingly rich natural diversity, the state offers an offbeat spot for workation. One such is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Khajuraho, known for its magnificent temples with sensual sculpting, Panna Tiger Reserve, thundering Raneh Waterfall, and one of the only few Laxman Temple in the world. Visit them all and enjoy the best of your workation in Kharuraho with Moustache.

Major attractions:

Khajuraho Temple, Laxman Temple, Panna National Park, Raneh Waterfall

7) Delhi

Workation at Moustache Delhi seems nothing less than a vacation. With our wide common area, vibing chill space, comfortable dorm, and lush garden space you can choose where do you want to set your workstation. Besides, you can always choose to have a break visiting the shopping lanes of Old Delhi, enjoying the kickass nightlife, palatable street foods, and the royal Mughal dynasty galore while workation in Delhi. So it is also one of the best Workation Destinations in india.

Major attractions:

Street Food, Historic Sites, Quwalis by Nizamuddin Brothers, Clubbing in Hauz Khas

Major attractions:

Clubs, Themed Cafes, Bangalore Palace, Hike to Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta National Park

As the travel is getting back to its pace, you can now take your work anywhere you want. Check our website for more of our experiential stays, treks, expeditions, along with an experiential & workation package. For any travel-related queries, feel free to contact us.

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